What's the Secret to Maintaining My Weight Loss?

What's the Secret to Maintaining My Weight Loss?

Each year millions of people resolve to lose weight and keep it off, but the truth is very few people accomplish this goal. In fact, roughly 80% of people abandon their New Year's resolution by February. There's no secret to permanent weight-loss success, but there are several key factors that greatly improve the chances of long-term weight-loss success.

At Nova Physician Wellness Center, our board-certified obesity medicine specialists pride themselves on helping people live their best, healthiest lives. Together, Rohit Suri, MD, and Seema Chaudhary, MD, along with our team of board-certified nurse practitioners specialize in weight management and can help you lose weight for good. We've put together some helpful information on key factors in slimming down permanently. 

Lifestyle change over dieting

Our providers give you the tools and support to adopt permanent lifestyle changes. Dieting rarely results in meaningful, lasting weight loss. Adopting habits such as eating more fruits and vegetables and filling up on fiber-rich foods are permanent changes that promote long-term weight maintenance.

These are habits that become part of your daily life and serve to keep your weight balanced. Diets often emphasize temporary changes that you make until you reach your goal weight before returning to your previous habits — the same habits that contributed to the weight gain.


Support is a major factor in lasting weight loss. Along with weight-loss counseling and support from our Nova Physician Wellness Center providers, it’s important to create an environment that supports long-term weight loss.

This means having supportive friends and family that share your healthy habits. Joining a social fitness group, spending time with friends who prioritize their health, and building an inner-circle of health-minded individuals are ways to create a lifestyle that supports healthy living.

Regular self-monitoring

If you aren’t monitoring regularly, it’s easy to regain weight without realizing it. Research shows that stepping on the scale on a regular basis to check your weight is key to long-term weight management. Whether you choose to check your weight weekly or monthly, it’s important to monitor yourself and make weight checks a routine part of your health and fitness regimen. 

If you notice any weight creeping back, you can take immediate action to get back on track and maintain your weight loss. Catching any weight gain early means you can keep a pound or two from turning into 20 pounds or more.

Moving more

Physical activity is essential to your health, and getting regular exercise plays a role in preventing weight regain and maintaining a healthy weight. The key is to find activities that you enjoy. Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore, and if it does, you’re unlikely to stick to it. Finding ways to add fun physical activity to your daily life can help you keep the pounds off for good. 

There’s no magic bullet when it comes to keeping weight off for good, but you can leverage multiple lifestyle factors as a recipe for successful long-term weight loss. Enlist the support of our weight-loss specialists to improve your chances of success. 

Our medical-weight loss programs are customized to your needs and lifestyle and use science-backed strategies to help you shed pounds quickly and safely, and keep them off. 

To get started, call or book online today to schedule a consultation with one of our providers. 

We have offices in Fairfax, Ashburn, and Vienna, VIrginia, and we offer telemedicine to keep you connected to outstanding care. 

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