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Weight Loss Counseling

Nova Physician Wellness Center -  - Weight Loss Specialist

Nova Physician Wellness Center

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Weight loss counseling incorporates the emotional and mental health factors that can inhibit weight loss. At Nova Physician Wellness Center, with locations throughout Virginia, Dr. Rohit Suri and Dr. Chaudhary offer weight loss counseling in conjunction with other proven-successful weight loss methods to give you the best, lasting results possible. Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary are experienced in obesity medicine and know that your mindset, cravings, and behavior toward food can have a big impact on the success of your weight management. Discover weight-loss counseling, and call or click to schedule here on the website.

Weight Loss Counseling Q & A



What is weight-loss counseling?

Weight loss counseling can help you determine certain emotional and mental health factors that are impacting your weight management. Changing your behaviors, knowledge, and thoughts about food and exercise can help you to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary incorporate behavioral therapy or weight loss counseling into your weight loss program to give you the best results. He offers individualized exercise plans, medical and physical exams, nutrition training, and more.

You start with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary to discuss your general approach to food, your current eating habits, and your knowledge of nutrition. Dr. Suri helps you to discover what behaviors are harmful to your weight-loss efforts, such as habitual snacking on candy.

What are trigger foods?

Trigger foods are certain foods that cause you to binge or overeat. These foods trigger cravings and oftentimes, an emotional draw or connection to that particular food. Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary help you to find creative ways to manage these trigger foods, such as decreasing them from your home, engaging cognitive techniques to avoid them at social occasions, and replacing them with healthier food choices.

Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary focus on enhancing mindfulness, behavioral interventions, and nutritional training to help you develop an understanding of certain trigger foods. Mindfulness entails being present in the moment and thinking and focusing on what you’re eating and why. Mindfulness exercises assist you in tuning in to your body’s natural cues of hunger and satiety.

Exposing yourself to tempting and unhealthy foods can actually strengthen your mindset and ability to resist over time.

What are the benefits of weight-loss counseling?

Weight loss counseling offers many benefits. The emotional attachment and cravings for food can greatly inhibit your weight loss.

Weight loss counseling helps you to schedule your food and shopping in advance and arrange an optimal environment for weight loss. It can also include written weight loss goals to remind you of why you’re on this journey and to give you a stronger mindset regarding your weight and health.

Your mind, cravings, and behavior also play a huge role in whether or not your weight loss will be successful. Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary recommend stocking up on healthy snacks, communicating with your friends and family, practicing mindfulness, reminding yourself of your goals, and believing in yourself that you’re strong enough to accomplish them.

At the first visit, you will be seen by our Nutritionists/ Health Counsellors who will formulate a Meal Plan and Exercise plan which fits your needs and is individualized to your medical conditions. >

Weight-management programs are divided into two phases: weight loss and weight maintenance. While exercise may be the most important element of a weight-maintenance program, it is clear that dietary restriction is the critical component of a weight-loss program that influences the rate of weight loss. Activity accounts for only about 15 to 30 percent of daily energy expenditure, but food intake accounts for 100 percent of energy intake. Thus, the energy balance equation may be affected most significantly by reducing energy intake. 

Results of several recent studies suggest that high-protein, low-CHO diets may have their benefits. In addition to sparing fat-free mass and producing greater weight and fat losses than high-CHO diets, high-protein diets have been associated with decreases in fasting triglycerides and free fatty acids in healthy subjects and with the normalization of fasting insulin levels in hyperinsulinemic, normoglycemic obese subjects.

What is medically supervised weight loss?

Although diet and exercise solutions may offer short-term results, most people end up gaining back the weight. With medically supervised weight loss, you can count on long-lasting results that you achieve in a safe and progressive manner.

At Nova Physician Wellness Center, Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary create a customized weight loss plan for each person, which is based on individual factors like your health history, age, your lifestyle, and your goals. He guides and supports you every step of the way, so you can lose weight and learn strategies for keeping it off.

What is included in a weight loss program?

The first step in creating a customized weight loss program for you is a complete medical exam, physical, and lab work to determine the state of your existing health and potential weight loss challenges. You might also have an electrocardiogram to evaluate the health of your heart.

Your weight loss program also includes:

Body composition testing

You have a bio-metabolic analysis, which provides insight into your caloric needs for weight loss. Body composition analysis can show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage, as well as your lean body distribution.

Meal planning

The meal plans include natural foods and meal replacement products. Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary can also customize your plan for certain dietary preferences or needs. All of the weight loss meal plans are scientifically tested and nutritionally sound, to help achieve your targeted weight loss goal in a healthy way.


You might also get FDA-approved appetite suppressants, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, or other nutritional supplements to achieve optimal results. These are optional, and Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary prescribe them based on your individual medical state and preferences.

Behavioral counseling

Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary meet with you to discuss your progress and help you navigate lifestyle or behavioral obstacles to weight loss. This may include exercise recommendations, tips for eating out, or strategies for social situations.

What results can I expect with a weight loss program?

Each person is different when it comes to the speed of weight loss. It depends largely on your starting weight, your age, and how well you follow the diet guidelines. However, under the care of a board-certified obesity medicine team, you can expect to achieve your ideal body in a safe and effective process.

To learn how a weight loss program at Nova Physician Wellness Center can help transform your life and body, call the office today, or book your first appointment online using the one-click scheduling tool.


*Individual results may vary