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Weight loss counseling incorporates the emotional and mental health factors that can inhibit weight loss. At Nova Physician Wellness Center in Fairfax and Ashburn, Virginia, Dr. Rohit Suri offers weight loss counseling in conjunction with other proven-successful weight loss methods to give you the best, lasting results possible. Dr. Suri is experienced in obesity medicine and knows that your mindset, cravings, and behavior toward food can have a big impact on the success of your weight management. Discover weight loss counseling, and call or click to schedule here on the website.

Weight Loss Counseling Q & A



What is weight loss counseling?

Weight loss counseling can help you determine certain emotional and mental health factors that are impacting your weight management. Changing your behaviors, knowledge, and thoughts about food and exercise can help you to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Suri incorporates behavioral therapy or weight loss counseling into your weight loss program to give you the best results. He offers individualized exercise plans, medical and physical exams, nutrition training, and more.

You start with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Suri to discuss your general approach to food, your current eating habits, and your knowledge of nutrition. Dr. Suri helps you to discover what behaviors are harmful to your weight-loss efforts, such as habitual snacking on candy.

What are trigger foods?

Trigger foods are certain foods that cause you to binge or overeat. These foods trigger cravings and oftentimes, an emotional draw or connection to that particular food. Dr. Suri helps you to find creative ways to manage these trigger foods, such as eliminating them from your home, engaging cognitive techniques to avoid them at social occasions, and replacing them with a healthier food choice.

Dr. Suri focuses on enhancing mindfulness, behavioral interventions, and nutritional training to help you develop an understanding of certain trigger foods. Mindfulness entails being present in the moment and thinking and focusing on what you’re eating and why. Mindfulness exercises assist you in tuning in to your body’s natural cues of hunger and satiety.

Exposing yourself to tempting and unhealthy foods can actually strengthen your mindset and ability to resist over time.

What are the benefits of weight loss counseling?

Weight loss counseling offers many benefits. The emotional attachment and cravings for food can greatly inhibit your weight loss.

Weight loss counseling helps you to schedule your food and shopping in advance and arrange an optimal environment for weight loss. It can also include written weight loss goals to remind you of why you’re on this journey and to give you a stronger mindset regarding your weight and health.

Your mind, cravings, and behavior also play a huge role in whether or not your weight loss will be successful. Dr. Suri recommends stocking up on healthy snacks, communicating with your friends and family, practicing mindfulness, reminding yourself of your goals, and believing in yourself that you’re strong enough to accomplish them.

Lasting behavior change takes time, effort, and support. Learn more about weight loss counseling, and call or book online today.