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Board Certified Obesity Medicine Specialists

Unlike other weight loss centers, OUR physicians are highly qualified to fit your needs!

Individualized Plan

We custom tailor your treatment to fit your lifestyle.

Medically Supervised Program

At each appointment you meet with your Weight Loss Team (Doctor, Nutritionist, Medical Assistant). Additionally, your Biometabolic Profile is checked to monitor your progress thru ALL evidence-based medicine.

Affordable Weight Loss

We accept ALL insurances. Even our meal replacement foods are less expensive than you can find elsewhere.

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We give you the tools you need to succeed.


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Individualized, Life Transforming Programs Supervised by Physicians and Nutritionists

First Visit: Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

During your first visit, our physicians will go through your medical history and discuss the key components of our program that will focus on your individual needs. This includes a comprehensive medical, nutritional, behavioral and exercise assessment. This will ensure that our team has a thorough understanding of your current health (dietary and medical conditions) and as a result allows us to comprise a program that is CUSTOMIZED for YOU!

At Nova Physician Wellness Center, we do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” strategy as no two individuals are alike. We all differ in our eating styles, family and work schedules and exercise preferences; hence Meal and Exercise plans have to be personalized according to one’s life style. We use evidence-based medicine to focus on the individual needs of our patients which allows them to reach life-long goals.

We have a multidisciplinary teamwhich focuses not only on diet, but also on Exercise and Behavioral changes. Research has shown that if you just focus on the Diet alone, you are bound to regain the weight as Diets alone never work in the long term.  

At the first visit, after meeting with the doctors you will then meet our Nutritionists/ Health Counsellors who will formulate a Meal Plan and Exercise plan which fits your needs and is individualized to your medical conditions.

At the subsequent visits, you continue to meet with our Physicians and Nutritionists/ Health Counsellors who will evaluate your progress and modify the plan if needed, so that it continues to meet your individual needs.

Health counseling throughout the term of the program contributes to our integrative approach in reaching your lifestyle and weight loss goals and more importantly help you maintain those goals. A very close monitoring is provided to all the patients to keep the treatment medically safe and effective. The frequency of the visits is based on your medical condition and/or your progress towards your optimal health goals.


Meal Plans

Our Meal Plans focus on Natural grocery store foods so that our patients are educated and trained from the very beginning with the foods they are going to eat for the rest of their lives. This is a life-long lifestyle change.

We also have special diet plans for the patients with Dietary restrictions, like Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free to name only a few. All of our weight loss meal plans are nutritionally based to help achieve your targeted weight loss goals in a healthy manner.

We do offer meal replacement products at the patients request and/or convenience, but these are not required for our patients to participate in our program.

And the cost of these Meal Replacements products is significantly below the cost offered by other Weight loss Centers.


Lab Work/ Electro Cardiogram or EKG

We may also run a battery of lab tests, which includes your blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, thyroid profile, lipid panel and Inflammatory Markers. This further gives us insight into your health, so that we can recommend a safe and effective nutrition plan. An Electro Cardiogram or EKG may be done depending on your medical evaluation.

An Electro Cardiogram evaluates the health of your heart to ensure the program and medications prescribed are safe and do not pose risk to your heart.


FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants

We may also use FDA approved appetite suppressants to achieve the optimal results for you. Appetite suppressants are optional and prescribed based on your individual medical conditions, preferences and health profile.

For maximum benefit and safety, the use of weight-loss medications should occur only in the context of a comprehensive weight-loss program. As with any medicine, the occurrence of side effects may exclude their use in certain medical conditions. 


Biometabolic Profile and Resting Metabolic Rate

At your initial visit with our physicians, we also conduct a complete bio-metabolic analysis. This will provide insight into how many calories your body burns while resting. To facilitate our pre-program testing, we use Bioelectrical Impedance Testing (BIA) using the InBody 570 from Biospace.

Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass and body fat percentage, as well as your lean body distribution. Going beyond your bathroom scale, body composition analysis breaks down your body into four components: fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water. We can individualize your Weight Loss based on your body composition and not just your BMI.


Weight Maintenance Phase

Losing weight is very important but maintaining weight loss is even more important. We put as much importance to your Weight Maintenance as to your Weight Loss as this is an integral part of our program. Once you reach the goal weight, Low Calorie diet is changed to Transitional diet and eventually to a more Balanced Maintenance diet. Focus is also shifted to increased physical activity as it is an essential component of a comprehensive weight-maintenance strategy.To learn more about our Weight Maintenance program, click here.


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