Start Fresh this Year with a Diet that Works

When it comes to dieting, there are a dizzying array of products, services, and experts, and each claims to hold the key to your weight loss struggle. The fact is that there’s no magic bullet when it comes to shedding the pounds. The process takes commitment and more than a few lifestyle changes in order to garner the best results.

At Nova Physician Wellness Center, under the expert guidance of Dr. Rohit Suri, our team specializes in weight loss, and we understand the steps it takes to accomplish your goals. To be successful, we believe that weight loss counseling provides your best chance of success, as we’re with you every step of the way as you make meaningful changes to your eating habits.

So, if you want to start fresh this year with a diet that works, read on.

Beyond the numbers

When you first come in, we sit down with you to review your physical health, your weight, and your goals in order to tailor an eating plan that serves your unique situation. While setting out numbers in terms of calories, pounds, and percentage of body fat is certainly a great place to start, it’s really just the beginning, and these figures only serve to guide us.


As important are the emotional and mental factors that play into your inability to lose weight and we spend a considerable amount of time through our weight loss counseling to address these factors.

For example, if you’re a stress or emotional eater who turns to food to comfort and soothe, we take the time to review these behaviors and come up with better coping mechanisms

Education is key

Another important component to successful weight loss is understanding nutrition, which is why we also concentrate on education. Your body requires certain foods to function optimally, and we take the time to show you the different roles that fats, carbohydrates, and proteins play (to name just a few). By understanding what foods your body needs as fuel, you can better balance your diet and toss out the empty foods that deliver no nutritional value.

At the same time as we show you why some foods are pure gold for your body (think fruits and vegetables) we’ll also help you identify those foods that are doing your body harm, like sugar, trans fats, and processed foods.

If, like many, your diet consists of fast food and over-processed snacks, we’ll give you a long list of healthier alternatives that will help you lose weight and keep your body in the pink of health.

A helping hand

As important as our education and diet plans are, our oversight is what can really make the difference. When you come to us for weight loss counseling, we’re with you every step of the way, providing encouragement, expertise, and accountability. Going it alone requires an enormous amount of willpower, but when you have someone to report to, you’ll find your motivation improves.

If you’d like to gain the upper hand on your weight once and for all, please contact one of our two locations in Fairfax and Ashburn, Virginia, to learn more about our weight loss counseling services. 

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