How does slow or fast metabolism influence weight?

People often blame their slow metabolism for their weight gain. They have cut down their calories intake and do regular exercise yet they are not able to lose weight, so they expertly conclude that they are not losing weight because of a slow metabolism! Is metabolism really the reason? And if so, is it possible to boost metabolism to lose weight faster? Well, it is true that metabolism is associated to weight. But in contradiction of common belief, a slow metabolism is does not result the weight gain. Although metabolism effect basic energy needs of body, it is food and physical activities that eventually determine how much you weigh.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism can be defined as a process by which body converts food into energy. During this process, calories present in food are combined with oxygen for releasing the energy. Even when you are resting, your body requires energy for all bodily functions, such as circulating blood, breathing, growing and repairing cells and adjusting hormone levels. The number of calories utilized by body to carry out basic functions is termed as your metabolic rate or metabolism rate. Many factors determine metabolism rate, including:

  • Size and composition of body
  • Age and sex
  • Physical activities performed by body
  • Food processing capacity of body

Metabolism and body weight

Metabolism is a natural process. Your body has plenty of mechanisms that regulate metabolic rate to meet its needs. Unfortunately, weight gain is quite complicated. It is a combination of diet composition, hormonal controls and genetic makeup that somehow influence weight gain. Body weight is also affected by lifestyle such as: sleep patterns, stress and physical activities. All of these things cause an imbalance in the energy equivalence. You gain weight when you burn fewer calories than you consume.

It is actually possible to lose weight by boosting the metabolic rate. For that you will have to follow a weight loss diet plan which automatically boosts the metabolism. There are certain foods that are very effective in increasing the metabolic rate. So, sleep properly, eat sensibly, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

5 Lesser Known Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss and effective weight loss plans have become a constant topic for debate in the modern times. These days everyone is following healthy diets for weight loss because obesity has indeed become a big challenge for people to overcome. There are many people who are willing to do just anything to lose weight or cut down on the excess body pounds. But it is always advised to follow healthy diets for weight loss if you want to assure effective and long-lasting weight loss results. Shortcuts and extreme measures are never helpful to lose weight but can in fact either

  • Make you lose body water too quickly that seems like you have lost weight but it comes back within a few days


  • You do not lose weight at all but become physically unhealthy and weak only

Effective Weight Loss Tips That Work

Instead of going down the lethal route of taking such extreme measures to lose weight, it is best that you stick to effective weight loss plans that will actually help you lose the extra flab. Many times, you are taking extreme measures and big health risks when simple and easy tips can help you lose weight. Read ahead to find out all about the lesser known weight loss tips that actually work!

Tip # 1 – Stop checking the weighing scale every day!

From the day we begin efforts to shed extra pounds, we make it a habit to check our body weight every single day. But is it worth it? No. The body weight does not budge in a day, in a week or even in a month. You will only find it harder to concentrate on losing weight if you keep checking your body weight every other day.

Tip # 2 – Start replacing processed foods with natural and fresh

No matter how low-calorie that food you are eating claims to be – it can never be low enough. It is important to remember that processed foods are processed and it does not matter how much. So, you need to eat your food fresh to consume minimal calories and maximum nutrients.

Tip # 3 – Never eat a salad on its own

You should never eat a salad on its own. This really seems like you are on starvation mode and your body will not be able to handle that for long. Hence, you always need to eat a salad combined with something else like a slice of grilled salmon or braised chicken.

Tip # 4 – Give in to your sweet cravings

Your sweet cravings are not to be ignored. You need to in fact keep your sweet cravings fulfilled but with the right things. Honey, sugarcane and fruits are full of natural sweetness that is healthy too. Your taste buds only need the sweetness and they really don’t care if it is coming from strawberries or chocolates.

Tip # 5 – Get new cutlery

The portion size matters so much when you are dieting to lose weight. You can never eat less if you don’t make one necessary change. You need to get smaller plates and smaller bowls and promise to yourself to never go for second servings. Eat only as much as it fits in the new cutlery.

How to Burn Body Fat

Do you know that some fat cells are extremely resistant to being burned and mobilized? Do you know that stubborn fat cells tend to accrue in the belly, thigh and hips? Do you know that stubborn fat is difficult to burn? Well, still with right diet plan and workout routine, it is possible to burn stubborn fat. Attempting to burn stubborn fat by exercising more and eating can make stubborn fat more stubborn. You will have to work with the right combination of diet and exercise to burn stubborn fat.

Proven Ways To Lose Stubborn Fat

Burning stubborn fat is about exercise and diet. Losing stubborn fat is not just possible, but probable, if you know what you are doing. The very first thing you need to understand about stubborn fat is that this fat is different from other fat. In stubborn fat the density of alpha-receptors are high as compared to betas. Thus stubborn fat is more sensitive to insulin, and receives less blood flow.

Exercises to lose stubborn fat

Aerobics: If cardiovascular activities are performed at moderate intensity and for longer duration, help burning stubborn fat. You need to perform cardio on the regular basis to see the results.

Interval training: High intensity interval training if performed with slower periods, burns more fat than steady pace exercises. Interval training provides faster results. You can see the results within 2 weeks.

Cross-training: Combination of several exercises is very effective in burning stubborn fat.

Resistance training: Resistance training burns calories and increases metabolism at the same time. It improves the insulin resistance and thus helps in burning stubborn fat.

Diet to lose stubborn fat

Recalculate your calorie needs: In order to burn stubborn fat, you need to consume fewer calories.

Eat small frequent meals: Instead of eating 3 big meals, eat 6 small meals a day.

Eliminate all processed food: Processed food is not recommended when you are working hard to burn stubborn fat. Eat fruits and vegetables instead.

Drinks a lot of water: If your water intake is less, your body stores water as much as it can. This results in bloating. Thus, drink plenty of water.

6 Weight Loss Tips Only Health Professionals Know

If you follow a doctor’s diet plan to lose weight you will surely be surprised to see how things are different for weight loss with health professionals in comparison to non-health professionals. In fact, if you have ever had the chance to enroll or follow a doctor weight loss program, you will see how things are much different when you commit to lose weight under professional supervision.

Weight Loss Tips Only Health Experts Know

The internet might be full and jam packed with weight loss tips for you to follow but the honest truth is that not all weight loss tips are effective. There are many weight loss tips that only health professionals can share with you when you enroll in a doctor weight loss program. In this article, we have listed a few professional weight loss tips that you must know about if you really want to shed those extra pounds for the good in the long run!

Tip # 1 – Drinking water before meals

You must have heard about the importance of drinking water for weight loss but do you know what the best timing to do so is? Drinking water right before your meals is pivotal for weight loss as it boosts your metabolic rate. Drinking water before your meals also makes 25 to 30 percent of your stomach full as a result of which you eat less.

Tip # 2 – Replace canola with coconut oil

Coconut oil is regularly used for application on the skin or hair as it is known it improve the health of hair and skin. However, do you know that you can replace canola oil with coconut oil for preparing your food to initiate weight loss? Coconut oil is made of healthy triglycerides that does not store fat in the body and it is one of the best diets.

Tip # 3 – Munching is good for weight loss

How many times have you been told off by your mother to not munch in snacks because you are getting fat? Well she must have been right about munching chocolates and cookies but ‘munching’ itself is encouraged by health experts for successful weight loss in the long run. Munching on nuts, almonds and fruits/seeds is actually a key way to send a message to your body to feel fuller for longer. This helps the body to feel satisfied.

Tip # 5 – Brush your teeth after your last meal

This may sound absurd but health professionals strongly believe in this key tip to brush your teeth after your last meal – no matter how later you are going to sleep. This is because when you clean your teeth, you are removing all food tastes from the mouth and hence your taste buds stop craving foods. This prevents you from overeating or snaking on a mid-night snack!

Tip # 6 – Rich in fiber diet is great

If you follow a doctor’s diet plan for weight loss, you will realize that most of the time you are put on a high fiber diet plan. Fiber is great for digestion and is also great for weight loss since it brings down your appetite multiple times.

Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat

When people decide to “go on a diet,” they know that this is a temporary choice. They are going to go on diet, but that they are not going to stick to that diet plan. As a consequence, they lose weight by following a crash diet, but much of it is healthy, lean muscle tissue. With less muscle, the metabolism is set at a lower point. So when they quit dieting, even if they eat the exact quantity of food as they used to eat before, they will start gaining more fat than they originally carried. So, instead of following such diets, follow zero belly diet.

Zero Belly Diet makes use of science behind nutritional genetics. Food can turn your genes on and off. Simply making some of changes to your lifestyle and diet, it is possible to improve gut health, reduce inflammation, turn off fat genes and burn body fat –particularly belly fat.

This weight loss diet focuses on removing visceral fat around the belly area. It provides fast and long-term weight loss results. The zero belly diet will cleanse your body from inside out and you will feel fresh and healthy.

Start your day with morning walk

Researches show that exposure to sunlight in morning hours reduces the risk of weight gain irrespective of activity level, caloric consumption or age. The morning sunlight harmonizes metabolism and weakens fat genes.

Take oatmeal in the breakfast

Naturally sweetened oatmeal is an important part of zero belly diet. You can use fruits to add sweetness to your oatmeal. This combination contains insoluble fibers that reduce cholesterol and feeds the healthy bacteria in your body.

Enjoy red fruits

Red fruits contain high phytonutrient. The fruits like apples, blueberry, red grapes, red grapefruit etc. are very helpful in burning body fat .

Refresh yourself with plant smoothies

The zero belly vegetable smoothies are full of goodness. These drinks are great hunger squelchers and muscle builders. Along with making you slim, these smoothies will bring natural glow on your face.

Power-up with egg proteins

Egg is the best source of choline. Choline does not allow the gene mechanism to store fat around your liver.

Enjoy magic elixir

Start each your day with “spa water”—that is filled with sliced whole oranges, lemons or grapefruit. Drink this infused water throughout the day

Low Fat Diet vs Low Carb Diet

Trying to follow a healthy weight loss program but confused because of the unending debate between low fat/carb diet consumption? Let us take a shot at resolving the conflict for you.

This debate is essentially based on which of the two to cut when you are on a loose weight program. Should it be fat because it sounds like it can cause obesity and can store itself up in your body as masses of globules? Or should it be carbohydrates that sound quite casual but are actually a lot closer to bringing you to heart disease than fats? For careful analysis, the two are being compared on the following basis.

1. Contribution to Obesity

This virtually depends on the amount of either of the two which you consume, but recent studies in China are showing that carbohydrates just might contribute more to the cause than the other.

Fats became famous when the entire idea of saturated and unsaturated fats arrived, and how the former can lead to a rise in blood cholesterol levels, eventually leading to heart linked diseases and obesity. Cutting down on the red meat and dairies for protein was a proposed solution.

On a very similar scale, however, excess consumption of carbohydrates in the body can lead to it being stored up as reserve glucose, which raises blood sugar levels and leads to the same results. Therefore, from two different paths, a healthy weight loss program needs to account for both.

2. Release in Body

To understand why exactly the two diets are being compared, it is important to know the order in which the body takes up the energy to provide to cells for respiration. The first in line is carbs, which mostly breakup to provide the energy. The second, consequently, are fats, which are burned up to provide energy in the event that the carb supply ends. Finally, we come to the proteins, which are quite low in energy content.

Researchers have stated that excessive fat in the body will only come out if the body consumes less and less of carbohydrates because that will lead to the burning of more accumulated fat. Lose weight programs therefore immediately focus on the bran bread protein sandwich you should be making back home.

3. The Healthy Section

Just like there are good and bad fats depending on whether they are saturated or not, there are a number of carbs available which can be consumed from high fiber foods and added wheat products. A healthy weight loss program will not require you to cut down completely on either of the two because they are essential in providing the systems inside the body the energy to function smoothly.

If, however, you were to pick a side, then you might have to side with carbs simply because they act as your staple section in meals. That is not to say that a combined diet is instantly discredited; the more balanced the better.


If there was to be a clear winner, it would be a balanced proportion of each diet. Lose weight programs do not tell followers to get away from the bread or the beef; all they demand is focus on portions, and that is essentially what you need to embark on a healthier lifestyle.

How Being On An Effective Diet Helps In Weight Loss?

Following health weight loss diet plans if crucial to pair with daily exercise or physical activity. This you might have already heard on multiple occasions but do you really understand the science behind how an effective diet helps in weight loss? In this article, we are talking about it all in detail.

How the Weight Loss Mechanism Works?

In order for the body to lose weight, the body needs to create a calorie deficit of almost around 3500 calories. According to scientific evidence, 3500 calories makes up 1 pound of body fat and therefore in order to lose weight, you need to lose 3500 calories. Hence, in order to lose weight, you will need to work on your body to lose 3500 calories. Each calorie deficit will result in 1 pound of weight loss. It takes around 8 to 12 days for the body to become deficit of 3500 calories.

Following Healthy Meal Plans for Weight Loss to Create Calorie Deficit

You can only make your body deficit of 3500 calories in the first place if you plan things. You will need to restrict your daily calorie intake by following a healthy weight loss diet plan and at the same time engage in vigorous cardio or physical exercises that burn the remaining calories. Exercise and diet in association help the body to burn calories and hence, you lose weight.

Weight Loss Without Diet Is Not Effective

So now let’s put it the other way around. If you choose to only work out every single day – let’s say for 1 hour i.e. 60 minutes every single day, 7 times a week – but are not willing to give up on any of the foods use consume, it is highly unlikely that you will lose any weight. Following a healthy weight loss diet is crucial. It has been repeatedly emphasized that weight loss is all about the 80:20 ratio where 80 is for diet and 20 is for weight loss. Without following healthy meal plans for weight loss you are not creating any calorie deficit in your body but rather only burning a portion of the calories you intake on daily basis. You will never lose weight this way and if by some good luck you do manage to lose weight – it will not be more than 5 pounds in 365 day which is not even considerable.

Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss

On repeated occasions you are told to follow healthy meal plans for weight loss if you really want to shed the extra body fat. But do you find it hard to follow or afford a very fancy weight loss diet? Don’t make it too complex for yourself. Make eggs, chicken, fruits, vegetables and milk a staple of your daily diet. You do not need fancy caviars or imported berries to burn the extra fat. You can do it with every day food items.

Top 4 Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips

If a plan claims to be the best weight loss diet program then it should at least consider the basic fundamental role that science plays in losing weight. Sadly, many programs today possess the title but are devoid of the support.

Research conducted in medical weight loss centers have shown a number of differences you can make in your daily life to achieve a healthier physical state and hence shed a considerable amount of fat. This article will present those important elements in good light for you to benefit from them.

1. Consistency Beats Hardship

The best weight loss diet program is not described by the number of greens it prescribes for your daily consumption or by the amount of time it suggests you stay hungry every day. The good news here, according to James Hill from the University of Colorado, is the fact that as long as you maintain a diet program that offers you a balanced meal daily (including the meat), you do not have to worry on the diet side.

The conjugate of this good news, however, is a little disturbing. The research has also shown that reversing gained weight takes a lot more time than the process itself, so you might just have to keep working for an indefinite period of time. The major tip you should take away is consistency; do not have too many cheat days, be sincere, and live balanced.

2. Diet Over Workout

Medical weight loss centers focus a lot more on people getting the right diet than they do on the rigorous nature of exercises they get to achieve a decent shape. While a combination of the two is ideal for you not only to shed some of that accumulated fat and bring out the muscle if you had to choose one over the other it should be diet.

Washington University’s Medical Research Centre pointed out that this is so because of two reasons. The number of calories we gain from eating a certain kind of food rich in carbs can take us hours to drain off on the field. In addition, working out hard in the gym can make you unproductive initially, and that can result in you consuming more than you actually do because of the tiredness.

3. Follow Diet Instincts

As medically deprived as this tip sounds, any plan that claims to be the best weight loss diet program will tell you that there is no prescribed formula that will work on each body regardless of their metabolism rates. The portion of each kind of food you should have should depend on the immediate need of your body, and the cut down needs to be natural.

For example, if you had protein-rich food for lunch, have a greener dinner in return.

4. End the Carb Friendship

Low-fat diet is quite impactful in the long run because you are not exposing your body to immediate culprits, but what about the other wreckers? Medical weight loss centers have long been identifying carbs as active players in the race of obesity, and you need to watch out for them in what you ear starting today if you plan on making an impact on yourself.

Diet Plans That Are Supported by Science

Different diets work on different people. You might have heard of thousands of diet plans, but many diet fads or otherwise require restrictions. The key is opting for a diet that you like and follow it in the long run. Oftentimes you fail to follow diet not because of diet, but because of your approach to diet. To pick a diet plan that actually works, you will have to remove the options that do not fit your needs. Here are meal plans for 4 scientifically proven diet plans that are actually effective:

Low Carb Diet

Low-carb diet is ideal for people who want to lose weight and improve health. This diet plan restricts the carbohydrate intake. Low-carb diet plan allows you to eat healthy vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and nuts, but restricts you to eat processed foods, sugary foods and starches. There are several types of low carb diets. Many studies have shown that low carb diet improves overall health and cause weight loss.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a brilliant and well-studied diet plan. This diet plan is based on eating foods that Greeks and Italians used to eat back in the year 1960. Researchers found that Mediterranean people were extremely healthy as compared to Americans and had a low risk of heart diseases. Many studies prove that Mediterranean diet causes weight loss in a healthy manner. This diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry, berries, legumes, dairy products and olive oil.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is very popular and effective weight loss diet. This diet allows you to eat unprocessed and natural food articles. It means you can eat vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, herbs, oils and healthy fats. Many studies have proved that this diet leads to significant weight loss.

Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Free diet is an ultimate diet plan for people who are intolerant to gluten. The best way of avoiding gluten is eating whole foods. Gluten free diet can be challenging. However, gluten free diet is one of the diets that are supported by science for weight loss.

Effective diet plan for weight loss in thirty days

Being overweight often brings one’s moods down. Media and society are accepting and promoting people who are thin. Appearance is not the only problem with overweight. Worrying about it and losing your control will not do any good. You should start effective weight loss program immediately if you are serious about weight loss. For this purpose first thing to do is to accept that you have some excess weight than the normal allowable weight. Next thing is to start some weight loss programs and work every day till your goal is attained. If you are ready to accept the above two requirements then, here is one program that will help you in achieving your goal within 30 days.

Set realistic goals

If you want to lose weight steadily and satisfactorily, the first thing to do is to set a realistic goal. There are some remedies in the market promising wonderful result within one or two weeks. They are just ridiculous. If any healthy diet plan offers a weight loss of one pound per day it is just nonsense. No such things will happen. If at all happens, it will not be good for health. Have patience and set a reasonable goal of reducing 10-15 pounds per month.

Try cardio

Now you try to include cardio exercises in your daily schedule for weight loss. If you can do 30 minutes exercise five days a week that will be very good. Don’t show over enthusiasm and stop it after a few days of initial practice. If you are not sure how to do the cardio, you can view some videos in the YouTube and make yourself familiar. This will help you to burn calories and lose weight constantly.

Meal timings

It is not only enough to eat right food, but eating at right time also has importance in effective weight loss program. It is advisable to eat dinner before 8 so that you will be required to sleep after little starving.

Take care of your snacks

We often binge on snacks and this is the prime cause for weight gain. In between meals we eat anything as snacks. Replace biscuits with roasted nuts or salads as part of your healthy diet plan. Try to reduce consumption of caffeine to the maximum possible level.

Simple walking

Instead of cardio you can also go for a walk. A combination of walking and cardio will be excellent for weight loss. 45 minutes walking can burn about 1600 calories. It will also increase your metabolism and help you in weight loss. If you find walking boring listen to your favorite music while you walk to make walking an enjoyable experience.

Climb stairs

According to a study people who climb stairs have more chance of losing weight faster than those who do not climb at all. You can burn a few more extra calories if you can spend some time jogging up the steps of a stair. It will elevate your heart rhythm and you will start sweating soon. Repeating this thrice a day can bring surprising changes in your weight loss process.

Healthy meals for weight loss

Since the past few decades, we have been seeing a rise in weight loss centers around the world. With being thin becoming synonymous with being healthy, the world is witnessing a spike in various clinics promising weight loss, all promising new and innovative ways for getting in the ideal body shape.

However for someone enrolling in these guaranteed results weight loss clinics, with the hope of losing weight, the regimen calls for some serious physical efforts from their end. But all the efforts put in losing your weight still have the probability to result in failure if you do not pay attention to the food you are in taking during the process of change. A good meal plan combined with the weight loss routine promises to show positive results sooner than when all the attention is just paid just to the exercises as opposed to the meal that goes with them.

An internet search will give you an extensive list of all these foods that helps in shedding weight, with the guarantee and recommendations that they work. But the problem with the list would be that it would be impossible to find half of the items mentioned there, in your area of origin.

List of top 5 food items to include in your next weight loss meal plan

1. Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables like spinach and lettuce are full of fiber, extremely low in calories, and help in easing water retention without discomfort and bloating.

2. Oats

Oats is a great way to offer your body natural energy, slow-release all through the day, which keeps one feeling filled for longer.

3. Olive Oil

The polyunsaturated fats present in olive oil staves off hunger pains, while it contains a naturally occurring chemical called oleic acid, that breakdowns the excess fats.

4. Beans

Beans are packed with nutrients that includes fiber and protein, while staying low in calorie it offers slow-release energy, making one feel fuller. The high protein helps in firming muscles and keeps one toned.

5. Every food item that contains water

Food like melon, cucumber, and orange, apple etc. are known to have a high percentage of water in them helps with easing water retention and prevents bloating. Making it easier for the body to get rid of the excess fluid.

Before spending a single penny more on ordering those magical weight shedding foods, incorporate the following food items in your everyday meal, which you can easily find in your local grocery store and even your refrigerator, irrespective of where you live.

How to lose weight when pregnant?

Though women plan many things about pregnancy well in advance, in reality none of these plans work out. Pregnancy is an exciting time, but unfortunately it is the time during which most women get extra fat on their bodies which they find very difficult to get rid of. Recent research shows that weight loss is possible to some extent if you really want it and is ready to follow some diet meal plans.

Know the amount of weight you need to lose

Being overweight during pregnancy is natural as the baby is growing inside the womb and this causes extra weight. It will be better if you understand the amount of weight that can be increased by a pregnant woman on account of pregnancy.

A BMI index of less than 25 is considered as normal body weight age ratio of a woman. For woman who has normal BMI an increase of 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy can be considered as normal. For woman whose BMI Index is between 25 and 29.9 an increase in body weight of 15-25 lbs is normal. Similarly, an increase in weight of 11 to 20 lbs can be considered as normal in the case of woman with BMI of 30 or more.

Manage your calories

The best way to reduce weight gain during pregnancy is to reduce the calories intake during pregnancy as per the diet plans you are following. If a pregnant woman can burn more calories than the intake of them through the food, she need not worry about weight problems. Before starting your calorie reduction program understand the exact calorie value of the food you eat daily. Try to see that you are not eating food which has a calorie value greater than 1,700 which is the average need of a pregnant woman. Following correct diet meal plans is enough to assure that you and your baby are receiving enough energy and nutrients. Reducing condiments, eating smaller portions, reducing soda products, avoiding junk food, reduced intake of candies etc are some other easy methods which have to be followed by a pregnant woman as part of her diet plans. Skipping meals and go on fasting for reducing the intake of food is not good for the growing baby inside your womb.

Exercise regularly for 30 minutes

Some women are afraid that doing exercise during pregnancy can harm the babies. This is not true, though some exercises like sit ups can be harmful. There are other exercises that are extremely beneficial to both the mother and the baby during the pregnancy period.

Healthy Eating Plan – Ways to Plan and Succeed in Sticking to Healthy Diet

Heating eating plan isn’t about strict limitations of diets, depriving yourself of some foods you like or staying unrealistically thin. Instead, it is about feeling good, having more energy, stabilizing your mood, and enhancing your health. If you feel overwhelmed by every conflicting diet and nutrition advice out there, you are not alone. It seems that experts who tell you a particular food is good for you, you will find another saying exactly the opposite. However, through the use of such tips, you may cut through the confusion and learn the ways to make a varied, tasty, and nutritious diet that’s good for the mind and body.

Healthy Eating – How Can It Improve Your Mood?

Everyone knows that eating right may help you maintain healthy weight and get rid of particular health issues, yet your diet may also have a big effect on your mood as well as sense of well-being. According to studies, a typical diet that includes packaged meals, some processed meats, a few sugary snacks, and takeout foods is linked to higher rates of anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress, and depression. Eating unhealthy diet can play a role in the risk of mental disorders including schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and ADHD.

Eating more vegetables and fruits, reducing intake of refined carbs and sugar, and cooking meals at home can help you improve your mood and reduce the risk for mental health issues. If you’ve been diagnosed with mental health issue, eating well might help your symptoms and help you regain control in your life.

What to Know about Healthy Diet?

Eating healthy diet does not have to be complicated. While several nutrients or foods have been shown to have an advantageous effect on mood, it is your dietary pattern that’s most important. The healthy diet pattern’s cornerstone must be to replace the processed foods with real foods when possible. Eating foods that’s as close as to the way nature made it can make a big difference to the way you feel, look, and think.

How to Succeed in Switching to Healthy Diet

Switching to healthy diet does not need to be an all or nothing proposition. You do not have to be perfect, you do not need to eliminate foods you enjoy and you do not have to change all at once that typically leads to giving up or cheating on your new healthy eating diet plan. For you to succeed, think of planning your diet as small steps like adding salads to your diet daily instead of a drastic change.

How to lose weight fast?

If anybody really wants to lose weigh fast, it is easily possible as there a number of fad diets that help one to shed weight fast. Such diets which leave you hungry will be helpful in reducing the weight for a short period only. To make your weight loss permanent it has to be carried out intelligentlyfollowing some lose weight fast diet so that the weight is lost steadily only. It has been estimated that one pound of weight is equal approximately to 3500 calories. So by making a reduction of 500 calories in your daily intake of food, one can achieve a weight loss of one pound per week. The best way to lose weight fast is discussed below.

Eat breakfast everyday

Most people who follow lose weight fast diet plans think that avoiding breakfast will speed up their weight loss process. In fact, this will only boomerang and make the situation miserable. Studies have proven that people who eat breakfast have lower BMI than those who skip it. It also shows that people who eat breakfast perform well in school as well as bedroom. A bowl full of cereal food with fruits will be the best thing for breakfast.

Fix a supper time

Make sure that you fix a time in the night before which you will eat the supper and afterwards will not eat anything at all. A cup of tea, small bowl of ice cream etc will be sufficient. Make sure you brush your teeth so that you will not eat or drink anything more.

Choose calories wisely

Sweetened drinks are calorie concentric. A glass of vegetable juice which is very low in calorie value can be taken if you feel hungry between meals. Alcohol calories have to be avoided as they add up unknowingly.

Eat more produce

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables which are low calorie can help you in your endeavour to lose weight. Starting lunch or dinner with a fruit salad or broth based soup can pacify your hunger to a good extent. Guidelines of the US government suggest that adults should get 7-13 cups of produce every day.

Go for grain

Going for whole grains in place of refined grain products like bread, cookies etc will provide much needed fibre and make your stomach feel filled. Whole-white breads, brown rice, popcorn etc can be given priority.

Control the environment

Stocking your kitchen with healthy options and buying cooked food from selected restaurants is one of the best way to lose weight fast. This avoids tempting situations and helps you to main safe from such circumstances. When you take part in parties eat healthy snacks and don’t go for the superfluous ones.

How to lose weight and build muscle

It can be very tempting for anyone to work towards losing weight and build muscles. The goal of many is to find a quick way to lose weight and build muscles at the same time. Apparently for those of you who have been trying out different body building programs and lose weight at the same time, everything except the results would have been perfect.

Urge for muscle building

It is noted that most people try to stick to a weight loss exercise program which has worked well with someone in the past. This need not necessarily mean that by blindly following the same program will help you achieve positive results as expected. You might be one of those average everyday souls who have turned out to become fitness enthusiasts overnight after watching Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body in Conan the Barbarian. The very next move is to find a weight loss exercise program that will help you get a streamlined body and muscles within a short span of time. Some people also take a different route by getting enrolled in a medical weight loss programs.

Select the best program

When your daily routine of travel, work and leisure does not let you have a window to squeeze in an hour of work out every day, you can let scientific and medical evidence help you finding the root cause of your obesity and weight gain. Trained doctors then help you choose one out a plethora of medical weight loss programs which, when followed correctly, helps you achieve better results without straining too much.

Customize medical weight lose programs

Medical weight loss programs can be customized as per your requirements and it is designed to help you achieve your personal fitness goal within a specific period of time. This can be more effective as weight loss programs are made based on the percentage of fat in your body, your metabolism and the composition of your body. The program provides a chart which needs to be followed carefully by the practitioners.

People who have enrolled in medical weight loss programs need not undergo a surgery or any other complex medical procedures. Most of these programs are physician-led weight loss programs where there is a doctor who oversees your progress and keeps altering the plan as required. This is mainly for losing weight and getting a streamlined body. However, for building muscles, one has to take the hard route of going through intense training routines.

Best weight loss exercise program that can be done at home

Working out in gyms will be fun when you have friends who joint with you there. If you are alone you may feel shy. Whatever it is, fat burning exercises are loved by youth. You can also try out five minute fat burning work outs at home without any need to join gym for and practice weight loss programs for men. In this article I am going to explain some easy and quick 5 minute exercises which anyone can practice at home without worrying about medical weight loss programs.

Inverted V pipe Exercise

You can do this exercise for 30 seconds. Lie down on the floor facing downwards. Let your toes rest on a towel. Now try to balance your body on toes and hands by placing hands on the flour. Now you pull your legs inside for a few seconds, and then push it backwards. Repeat this activity for 30 seconds. This activity will give work out for arms, the lower back and the core and can be considered as part of the weight loss exercise program that can be done at home.

Superman exercise

This is a powerful exercises best suited to reduce your tummy and for your thighs, lower back and abs. Lie down on the floor facing downwards. Stretch your hand and legs straight keeping it near to your body. Now lift your chest and thighs off the ground at the same time and balance your body on the tummy. This has to be done keeping yourself straight as far as possible. Repeat this exercise for about 30 minutes.

Push up and knee kick exercise

This is a new version of the traditional pushups. This exercise is for your whole body and is great for losing upper arm fat. Men can go for proper push-up where as women can opt for knee push-ups. Lie down on ground facing downwards. Now come up on your hands and feet. This is the starting point of the exercise. Now bring your right knee forward so that it touches your right elbow. Then do the same thing with your left leg. Start with a push up. Go for knee kicks and again go for the push up. This exercise will bring strength to core and arms. This exercise is very good for increasing the overall strength of the body and is good for heart and muscles of forearms.

High Protein Vegetarian Meal Plan for Fat Loss

Proteins are one of the most important parts of diet. They break down into amino-acids that support cell repair and growth. The foods that are rich in protein are digested slowly, letting you feel fuller on lesser calories.

There is no getting around with the fact that today everyone who is trying to lose weight is obsessed with high protein diets. And animal products such as meat, dairy, and eggs are considered as good sources of protein. This is the reason why vegetarians and vegans are constantly questioned about their protein intake.

Best Vegan and Vegetarian Protein Sources

There are various dairy-and-meat free protein sources that can help vegans and vegetarians stay healthy and slim. When you make meals from fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains, weight loss becomes quite easy. And clear improvements in many other aspects of health such as blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol can be seen. Here are tips for good vegan and vegetarian proteins, and how to add them to your diet:

Green peas

Legumes are good source of protein. One cup of green peas contains approximately 8gms of protein (equivalent to 1 cup of milk). Green peas taste good. You can eat them as a side dish or cook them with other main dishes.


Quinoa is an ancient grain. Normally grains contain a small quantity of protein, but quinoa is full of protein. This food is higher in protein than most other grains. This mild-tasting grain is also a source of the amino acid L-arginine, which promote muscle growth. A lot of quinoa products are available on the market these days.

Soy products

Soybeans are one of the highest vegetarian protein sources. There are plenty of ways of eating soybeans. You can eat roasted soybeans as snacks, eat tofu as main dish, try steamed soybeans in diner or add soymilk to your oatmeal.

Hemp seeds

One tablespoon of hemp seeds contains 3.3gms of protein. This product is a nutritional rock star. Hemp seeds are rich in fiber and omega 3. Hemp seeds can help in fighting heart disease, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

Ezekiel bread

Ezekiel bread is made from sprouted grains, barley, beans, lentils, millet and whole grains. This bread should be a part of vegetarian weight loss diet plan. It can be used as the traditional bread.

Ways To Beat Stress Fat

Stress is one of the major causes behind the weight gain. Many weight loss doctors recommend cutting stress as a first step towards a healthy life. Even if you eat healthy and exercise regularly, chronic stress can hinder weight loss—or even add pounds.

Body responds to all kinds of stress in the same manner. So, when you have stress, brain releases potent hormones. Your body get a burst of adrenaline that replenishes the stored energy. Simultaneously, you get a rush of cortisol that instructs your body to consume all energy, even when you have not used all the calories. This will make you feel hungry....very hungry. And this continues until your body remains in stress.

Stress and weight gain

When body is in stress, it craves for salty, sugary, and high-fat foods because such food encourage the brain to release pleasure chemicals to reduce the tension. This instant soothing becomes addictive, so every time you feel anxious, you want to eat fattening foods. With your adrenal glands release cortisol, muscle-building hormone’s production slows down.

It is not easy to eliminate stress and anxiety completely, but here are some ways to beat stress fat:

#1: Push ups: You can relieve the stress by moving your muscles. By doing this, you can trick your brain thinking that you are escaping the source of stress. This exercise will make your blood circulation better and transport cortisol to your kidneys.

#2: Go slowly at meals: When you are in stress, you eat more. You eat bigger portions and get more belly fat. No matter what are you eating, eat slowly. Chew your food properly before gulping.

#3: Stop strict dieting: Sometimes, constant dieting increases the cortisol levels. When cortisol increases, blood sugar goes out of control. This makes you cranky, and cause sugar cravings.

#4: Curtail caffeine: When you try to cut the stress with caffeine, it increases the levels of cortisol and stress. Next time when you are under duress, choose decaf.

#5: Power up breakfast: Deficiencies of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Magnesium and Calcium causes stress. This increases cortisol levels, and cause food cravings throughout the day. You can suppress these cravings by eating healthy breakfast in the morning. This is the reason why weight loss nutritionists recommend healthy breakfast.

#6: Sleep properly: The most effective way for stress reduction is SLEEP. Sleep deprivation can cause stress.

How to Stop Gaining Weight

Shedding some weight can be really difficult. For many people, keeping it off is even more difficult. The weight loss diet becomes depriving and stale. Workout gets boring and excessively laborious. Most adults do not realize that they are putting weight until the weight scale shows that they are 10 pounds heavier. By making gradual changes in diet and lifestyle, it is possible to stop gaining weight.

How to avoid weight gain

There are various reasons why adults start gaining weight. As you get older, metabolism of your body slows down. If you do not pay attention, you will gradually gain weight. After certain age, avoiding weight gain is not as easy as eating less or exercising. It is a subject of leading a healthier lifestyle. There are no shortcuts of avoiding weight gain in long-term, but with right eating habits and active lifestyle, you can maintain a healthy weight.

Track What You Eat

Start keeping track of your weight and what you eat. It is good to calculate your calorie consumption. This will give you a clear idea about where you are now, and give you a complete sense of what changes need to be made in your diet. Here are some tips:

  • Invest in good weight machine, and weigh yourself once in a day. Note down your everyday weight. This will let you know if your lifestyle is leading weight gain or weight loss.
  • Calculate how many calories you are eating. You can check labels of pre-packed food for this information. Also, calorie information of many basic foods is available online.
  • Measure the portion by weight, instead of volume. Try keeping portion size as small as possible.
  • Totally avoid junk food. Instead, eat green vegetables and seasonal fruits.
  • Say no to added sugar. Cane sugar cause unwanted weight gain. Such foods have low-nutritional value, and cause cravings short time after eating.

Exercising Regularly

Exercise is also important to avoid the weight gain. Start monitoring your physical activities. This will help you in calculating the amount of exercise you require to lose weight. Here are some tips:

  • Do not count everyday activity as exercise.
  • Do not weigh your body after exercise.
  • Try various forms of exercise.
  • Make an exercise routine that becomes part of your life.

People tend to gain weight by eating wrong food at wrong time. It is best to consult the best nutritionist for a balanced diet plan.

Balance These 4 Hormones If You Want To Lose Weight

When women get older, weight loss become more difficult. Even after eating the right food and exercising regularly, it seems very hard to lose weight. You may be following the same routine that you have always followed, but suddenly find that it is not enough to remain fit. Well, if you know you are entering menopause or per-menopause, you may be unaware of role of hormonal fluctuations behind the weight gain. It is always recommended to discuss about hormonal imbalance and weight gain with a weight loss doctor.

How Your Hormones Affect Your Weight

Hormones impact a lot of things—from energy levels to mood, and physical appearance to weight. Hormones fluctuation occurs every month. And they also fluctuate throughout the life. Unfortunately, hormonal changes are not discussed much when you think about weight loss or weight gain.

If you are trying to lose stubborn weight and not able to lose it, then you should better get your hormones tested. You can lose weight naturally by bringing hormones into balance. Whether your hormone got imbalanced due to lifestyle choices or menopause, it is possible to balance the hormones by taking right nutrients.

Get these hormones checked and lose weight:

Thyroid hormones

Thyroid hormone deficiency slows down the metabolism. This results in weight gain. Thyroid imbalance can be easily detected in blood test. It is possible to avoid thyroid deficiency by consuming enough iodine. Seafood is the healthiest source of iodine. Common symptoms of thyroid deficiency are:

  • Cold intolerance
  • Dry skin
  • Weight gain
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue

Sex hormones

Deficiency of sex hormone can cause Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and elevate the levels of insulin and testosterone. This results in menstrual disorders, acne, male pattern hair growth, infertility and weight gain. A low-carb diet is the best treatment option for this condition.

During menopause, level of the female sex hormone drops. This often results in some weight gain, especially around the gut. Weight gain after menopause is less femininely proportioned. Deficiency of sex hormone also result weight gain in men.

How to develop healthy eating habits in a child

Many kids develop unhealthy eating habits, because of several reasons, such as peer pressure, luring junk food commercials, easy availability of takeout food etc. In such situation, developing healthy eating habits in kids become uphill struggle for parents. But it is important to divert kids towards healthy eating habits. A healthy diet helps in stabilizing energy, sharpening mind and developing better concentration that translates into good emotional and physical health. As parents, it is your responsibility to take care about the eating habits of your kids to prevent childhood obesity.

Benefits of healthy food for kids

A healthy diet can have an intense effect on a child’s wellbeing, which prevent conditions such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Eating well in childhood promote healthy development into adulthood. In case, your child has been diagnosed with a mental health problem, you can help him or her in managing the symptoms and regaining the control over health with a healthy diet.

Remember that your kids are not born with Pizza and French fries cravings, and an aversion to carrots and broccoli. This happens when kids are exposed to unhealthy food choices. However, it is absolutely possible to reprogram the kids so that they crave for healthy foods instead.

Whether you are dealing with a toddlers or teens, children tend to develop a natural eating preference for food they enjoy most. In order to encourage healthy eating, you are required to make nutritious food more appealing.

Don’t ban junk food right away: If you completely ban the junk food, your kids will become rebellious. You can let them eat junk food occasionally as reward.

Be a role model: Kids follow their parents. They won’t be able to develop healthy eating habits, if their parents are not eating healthy.

Avoid buying unhealthy foods: Don’t bring unhealthy food at home even in small quantity.

Consult a weight loss nutritionist: You can consult with a weight loss doctor and get the best eating chart for your kids.

Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight After 30?

Maybe it is just the gray hair you found or maybe it is the fine line that is not ready to disappear after giggle—but crossing into your 30s unquestionably brings new aches and pains. As if all these problems were not enough, weight loss becomes even more difficult after thirties. The older you get the harder it becomes for you to not only maintain the muscle but also to burn off the fat. No matter how much you want to hit the gym or think about following healthy weight loss diet, it is not easy to find the weight loss motivation amid family responsibilities and work pressure.

Tips for Losing Weight In Your 30s

After 30, you have to be very conscious while making the changes in your diet and lifestyle that are required for long term weight loss. A slight change in your lifestyle and diet can slowdown your metabolism and makes it harder for you to lose weight. Check out the below mentioned tips to slim down:

Kick start your day with protein

It is recommended to eat high protein food at breakfast. It is because metabolism get slower with age, and you can fight against it by making sure that muscle mass is there. Eat 20 to 30gms of protein during breakfast.

Ditch artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners increase the sugar cravings, and lead to excess calorie consumption. When you eat something sweet, your body thinks it is getting something high calorie. When calories are not consumed it causes your body to search calories elsewhere.

Eat after every two hours

The best way to boost the metabolic rate after 30 is splitting the meals. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day, eat 6 small meals. Your body will feel full, and you won’t get cravings.

Keep up the cardio

Cardio is beneficial at any age. Include the best cardio exercises in your daily routine. Soon, you will start observing the positive changes in your health.

Which Cooking Oil Is Best for Weight Loss?

Oil is an essential ingredient when preparing a meal. No matter you are frying, making soup, baking or dressing food, cooking oil always finds its place. Thus, if you are trying to lose weight, it is smart to eat oil that is composed of healthy fats. Actually, there can’t be single oil suitable for cooking. Every oil has different amount of calories and nutrition. You can consult with the best dietician to learn about the cooking oils recommended for weight loss.

Fighting Belly Fat: Which Oil Is Best?

On contrary to common beliefs that oils causes weight gain, it’s not. You gain weight by eating heavy carbohydrate food at the wrong time. Your body requires fat, as it is a major source of energy that helps in absorbing minerals and vitamins.

There are many types of oils composed of different matters. When you purchase the cooking oil, make sure that your oil contains unsaturated fats. Check out the below mentioned healthy cooking oil options:

Rice bran oil

Rice bran oil is a healthy source of a healthy source of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Both of these fats have positive impact on health.

Olive oil

Every dietician recommends extra virgin olive oil to weight loss aspirants. It is one of the healthiest oils available today. Both refined and extra virgin olive oil contains monounsaturated fat in high proportion.

Canola oil

Canola oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. It is one of the healthiest cooking oil. It is apt for cooking, baking and dressing.

Grapefruit oil

Grapefruit oil activates enzymes that break down brown body fat. This oil comes from grapefruit peel. It is very good for skin as well. Many dieticians recommend including grapefruit oil in weight loss diet plan.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very healthy. It is low in cholesterol, and help in boosting energy. It is very beneficial for hair and skin.

What to eat before and after workout?

When it comes to weight loss, people have several questions in their mind: How to get the most out of workouts? How to lose weight faster, burn more calories, and feel more energized throughout training session? While there are several factors that may affect your unique condition, but one answer applies to all these questions: EAT. More precisely, eat right food at the right time. It is not possible to workout properly without proper eating. Your body needs fuel to perform during workout sessions. And food provides all the necessary nutrition that body requires.

The Importance of Eating Before Workout

According to researches, whether you eat or not before workout, your body will burn same amount of fat. But empty stomach workout can cause muscle loss. Hungry body goes into survival mode and take protein from muscles. This makes you lose muscle mass, which can eventually slowdown your metabolic rate and make it harder for you to lose weight.

What to Eat Before Workout

  • Brown rice with beans
  • Small sweet potato with broccoli
  • Banana with almond butter
  • Oatmeal
  • Multigrain crackers with humus
  • Apple and walnut

The Importance of Eating After Workout

During workout, your body taps the fuel stored in muscles for energy. After completing the workout, glycogen stored in muscles get depleted. Drinking or eating something that contain carbohydrates and protein 30 minutes after workout will refill the glycogen, and repair and build the muscle, and ultimately boost your metabolic rate. The sooner you refuel your body, the better you will feel.

What to Eat After Workout

  • Protein shake made from banana, almond or hemp seed
  • Roasted chickpeas with olive oil and vinegar
  • Steamed vegetables with tofu
  • Quinoa with black berries and pecans
  • Multi-grain bread

In short, it is important to eat before and after workout. You can consult with the best weight loss nutritionist for better and healthier eating options.

Kick Start Your Metabolism With These Tricks To Lose Weight

Do you have problems like –slow weight loss, weight gain or slow metabolism?

All these problems are associated with your diet and physical activities. You need to boost metabolism to accelerate the weight loss process, and you will lose weight eventually. Metabolism is much more than the process of burning the calories from the food you consume, which means that the efficiency of metabolism is dependent on many different factors.

Boosting metabolism

Your metabolism is reliant on everything from the kinds of foods you eat to workout you do to the amount of sleep you take each night. Thanks to genetics, some people have faster metabolic rate than others. However, there are some scientifically proven things you can do to fasten your metabolic rate. And, if you follow these habits every morning you wake up, you can naturally boost your metabolism and burn more calories all day long.

Wake up with 16 ounces of water

Drinking about 16 ounces of water every morning helps in boosting metabolism by about 30%. It’s good to start your day with water, and stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining overall health.

Drink a cup of warm lemon water

This helps in rehydrating the body after sleep. It even stimulates the digestive system, flushes out toxins, and provides Vitamin C and potassium to body to boot. While no research has proved that lemon can directly boost your metabolism, Vitamin C helps in burning body fat at the cellular level.

Begin your day with interval training

Perform combination of interval and high intensity training every morning to boost your metabolism. You will also burn more calories in same amount of time.

Don’t starve yourself

Cutting a lot of calories can backfire on you in more than one ways. Eat in small portion, and eat something after every 2 hours.

Eat spicy food

Well, you can consult with your weight loss nutritionist about the healthy spices you can eat. Spicy food can temporarily increase your metabolic rate.

How to lose weight with PCOS and Insulin resistance

Losing weight is one of the biggest concerns for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. If you are struggling with your weight, then you are not alone. One out of three women is dealing with PCOS and weight management dilemma. Although it is not easy to lose weight with pcos and insulin resistance, it is not impossible either. With healthy diet and active lifestyle, you can combat with the weight gain problem.

Why Is It So difficult to Lose Weight with PCOS?

Women with PCOS have to deal with two major issues while trying to lose weight –abnormally high levels of androgens (male hormones), and insulin resistance. However, it is pretty much important to lose weight in order to reduce the severity of PCOS.

Along with weight gain, PCOS women are at higher risk of developing serious health complications that are aggravated by extra weight, such as type2 diabetes and heart disease. While weight loss is difficult with this syndrome, it is recommended for improvement of fertility issues and lifelong health.

Lose Weight with PCOS

In order to lose weight with PCOS, you need to follow multi-pronged approach. Not only you need to eat fewer calories and exercise regularly, you need to pay attention over blood sugar and insulin levels. These goals can be achieved by below mentioned tips:

  1. Depending on your activity level and weight, fix the number of calories and stick to it. No matter what, try not to exceed the calorie count.
  2. Eat food with low glycemic index. Foods with low glycemic index promote healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.
  3. Try eating several small meals every day, instead of 3 big meals.
  4. Load up with protein. Eat a lot of protein rich foods to support muscle development and long-term weight loss results.
  5. Choose resistant starch for carbs.
  6. Totally avoid liquid calories i.e. give up soft drinks.
  7. Drink green tea every day.
  8. Exercise on the daily basis. You can do weight training, cardio and even yoga.
  9. Try not to stress. Use some stress busters.

So, these are some tips to combat with PCOS weight loss issues. You can visit a nutritionist for proper weight loss diet for pcos .

Why Zumba Is Insanely Good Exercise?

Zumba is an amazing workout consists of body movements inspired from various forms of dance, performed to musical beats. It has become a popular workout for weight loss all across the world. Zumba is the best workout for people who hate exercising.

A Zumba session is like any dance session, but with easy dance moves that are heavy on the steps and hips counts. These moves produce sweat. Experts say that 40 minutes of Zumba session can burn up to 380 calories, approximately 9 calories per minute. Along with burning calories, this workout tone arms and sculpt muscles.

Benefits of Zumba

#1: Full Body Workout: Zumba is combination of aerobics and salsa. There is no wrong or right way to perform Zumba. As long as your body moves to the musical beats, you are actually exercising. And this workout involves the movement of the entire body –arms, shoulders, feet –you will get full body workout.

#2: Burn Fat: At its core, Zumba is intended to offer a large calorie burn via aerobic activity done. This workout will help you burn 400 to 600 calories per hour.

#3: Improve Cardiovascular Fitness: Zumba is an efficient exercise when it comes to enhancing aerobic capacity, which is a measure of cardiovascular fitness.

#4: Increase Your Pain Threshold: After practicing Zumba for a while, pain interference and pain severity decrease. Combining the health benefits that Zumba offers with the weight loss, you can enjoy better quality of life.

#5: Build endurance: Fast paced music is played during Zumba session; moving body to the beats increases the endurance.

#6: Adaptable for Any Fitness Level: Zumba is scalable. You just have to move to the beats. It is a kind of workout that everyone can do according to their intensity level. However, it is recommended to perform this workout under the surveillance of an instructor.

#7: It is Social: Zumba is a group activity. It increases the interaction with other people. You get to socialize with other people in Zumba class. It is one of the fun weight loss workouts .

Weight Loss – Facts Behind Any Successful Weight Loss

Are you tired of thinking about what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and what physical activities you need do to be healthy? If so, then don’t get discouraged, you are not alone. With so many options and decisions, it can be difficult to determine what to do to burn fat fast. You might face some hard time while losing weight, but once you make apt changes in your lifestyle and diet, you can achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Facts and Myths About Weight Loss

About 80% of people, who lose weight, gain it back, and sometimes more. But learning why weight loss is so hard can help you keeping yourself motivated, and increase your chances of success. There are proven ways of losing and maintaining weight. If you are ready to work hard, then work in the right direction. Check out the below mentioned facts and myths about weight loss:

Myth #1: You need to give up all your favorite foods to lose weight

Fact #1: You don’t really have to give up all your favorite foods while trying to lose weight. You can eat small quantity of your favorite high calorie foods. Just make sure to keep track of your calorie consumption.

Myth #2: All grain products are fattening

Fact #2: Grain themselves are not unhealthy or fattening. You can replace refined grain with whole grain while trying to lose weight. You can fulfill the carbohydrate requirements of your body with whole grain products.

Myth #3: All gluten-free products are healthy to eat

Fact #3: Gluten free diet is never healthy. Only people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease should opt for the gluten free diet plan. It is not a good diet plan to follow to lose weight.

Myth #4: All dairy products are fattening and unhealthy

Fact #4: Dairy products are good source of protein. Your body requires protein when you are trying to lose weight. The dairy products help in building muscle mass, and strengthen the bones. You can include skim milk and low-fat yogurt in your weight loss diet.

Practical Ways To Lose Weight This Summer

Well, it is quite easy to cover some extra pounds beneath that chunky sweater, but when temperature soars, there is no way you can hide those tiers around your stomach. On the brighter side, it is easier to lose weight in summer, if you are ready to try. Summer is the season when you gather with friends, play beach games and want to rock in short clothes. You can take advantage of blissful weather and hit the gym or opt for outdoor workout to sculpt your body.

Losing weight in summer

Every weight loss aspirant has heard the advice of eating less and moving more. And it is actually possible to lose weight by following this advice. You just need to follow this advice with a plan –a weight loss plan. Check out the below mentioned tips to prepare an effective weight loss plan:

No Alcohol: Chemically alcohol is similar to sugar. If you want to lose weight, you need to say good-bye to alcohol. When you drink alcohol, they set same insulin resistance as sugar does that promote weight gain.

Ban fast food: Fast foods are convenient, but they contain a lot of fatty calories. If you want to lose weight, you need to stop eating all kind of fast food items. Often, one fast food meal has all of the calories that you are supposed to consume in an entire day!

Choose your carbs wisely: After banning the fast food, you need to eat the right carbs. Processed white carbs are not good for health. They will spike your sugar level. You can eat healthy carbs like oats, basmati rice, whole grains etc. Small change can make big difference.

Stick with soup: Soups are great appetite suppresser. You can opt for any healthy soup during snacks time.

Morning exercise: Kick start summer mornings with exercise. You can start with any type of exercise, such as walking, running, cycling, dancing etc.

Get good night sleep: In order to make your summer weight loss plan work, you need to provide proper rest to your body. So sleep 8 to 6 hours every night.

Why are you gaining weight?

The frustration of seeing too tight waist band or extra pounds on weighing scale is understandable. But did you know that the factors like vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalance can cause weight gain? Well, it is not easy to understand the reason behind weight gain, though it is important to know the reason. The best you can do is visit a weight loss clinic and get yourself tested. Weight loss will become easier, if you know the reason behind the weight gain.

Medical reasons for putting on weight

Most people gain weight because they consume more calories than they burn. But some people gain weight may be because of an underlying medical condition. Below mentioned are some medical reasons that can result in weight gain:

Underactive thyroid: This means your thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormones. Underactive thyroid gland causes weight gain because it plays an important role regulating metabolism. Although thyroid problem is common in older women, it can occur at any age.

Diabetes treatment: Weight gain is one of the common side-effects of diabetes treatment. People who take insulin for diabetes management are likely to gain weight because they eat more to prevent low blood sugar level.

Ageing: As people get older they tend to lose muscle mass, because they become inactive. Muscles play important role in burning calories, so a loss of muscle mass is directly proportional to gain in weight.

Steroid treatment: Along with asthma and arthritis, long term steroid treatment can lead weight gain. The longer you are on steroids, the more weight you are likely to gain.

Cushing's syndrome: This syndrome is rare, but it can result in weight gain. This syndrome is actually a side-effect of steroid treatment.

Stress and depression: Stress, depression, anxiety and low mood are some conditions that can result in weight loss and weight gain. Weight gain from depression can make you feel even more depressed. In order to combat with the weight gain, you need to combat with the depression. You can also consult with a weight loss doctor for systematic weight loss plan.

A Simple Diet Plan To Reduce Belly Fat

In this fast-paced and multi-tasking lifestyle, people started depending on packaged food and begin avoiding every form of exercise. These days, a lot of people are giving up on exercise, either because of lack of time and energy or other reasons. While everyone is not affected by such lifestyle in the same manner, there are some who can start observing the difference in their body pretty soon. The accumulation of fat is most visible around the belly. After that they look for the weight loss plans to reduce belly fat. Well, it is possible to get rid of belly fat with proper diet plan and exercise. Despite of your schedule, you need to commit to a healthy and active lifestyle. Then only you will be able to lose weight.

Lose Belly Fat

In order to lose the belly fat, you will have to work in the right direction. You will be able to see the results if you introduce the right combination of diet and exercise in your lifestyle. Check out the below mentioned diet and exercise plans to lose stomach fat:

  • Before targeting on belly fat, try burning extra fat around your abs with cardio workouts. The cardiovascular exercises engage multiple body muscles. You can also try circuit training to burn more calories in lesser time.
  • You need to accept the fact that the spot reduction is not possible when you require losing a lot of weight. Thus, in order to burn belly fat, you will have to work on overall fitness.
  • If you are only concentrating on exercise and not providing proper rest to your body, you will not be able to lose weight. This habit will cause more harm than good. Try to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours per night then only you will be able to win in the fight against belly fat.
  • Eat lesser calories. Belly fat can be easily controlled with diet. You can visit a weight loss clinic and ask weight loss nutritionist to prepare a customized diet plan for you.

Tips that Could Help You Lose Weight for Your Wedding

There is nothing like an engagement ring that can motivate a woman for weight loss. The photos! The dress! The honeymoon! The dance! You will be splurging on these stuffs. It’s no wonder that you want to look fabulous on your wedding day. And in order to look your best, you want to lose weight for wedding. Finding time to exercise every day amid wedding preparations is not going to be an easy task, but you will have to manage everything, in order to look flawless. Along with exercise, you will have to watch out your diet to get the desired results.

Ways to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

Well, there is no such quick diet or workout that can magically make you healthy overnight. That’s because quick fixes, diet pills and extreme workouts fail to provide long term results. You just need to stay in control, no matter how stressful the wedding planning becomes.

Easy Ways to Slim Down Before Your Wedding

Track your food: It means you have to watch your calorie consumption amid tasting samples from wedding caterers. Keep portion size small. You unknowingly consume a lot of calories while tasting the sample food, and waste your workout efforts. If you do not have anything to do during the final days before your wedding, track your calorie consumption diligently every day.

Eat breakfast: Breakfast is the easiest meal to prepare, and it provides energy for entire day. Start your day with healthy breakfast, and boost your metabolism. Eating breakfast can help you lose weight faster, as you will consume fewer calories later in the day.

Prioritize fitness: Don’t sideline diet and exercise because of wedding preparation. Health and fitness should be your priority. Plan your schedule by keeping your fitness routine in mind.

Get support: You can consult with a dietician, weight loss doctor or nutritionist for healthy fitness routine before wedding. A weight loss professional will prepare a diet chart and workout plan for you, so that you can achieve your weight loss goals before wedding.

Ways to Burn More Calories During Any Type of Workout

Well, let's face it: It doesn’t matter if you are a regular exerciser or a totally newbie to working out, dedicating hours upon hours to sweat session is just not feasible. That's why it is very important to make every second count. You need to figure out the workouts that burn calories fast and help you in achieving the desired fitness level.

How to burn more calories

In this busy scheduled life, no one has the time to spend hours in the gym. There are ways to burn more calories in shorter span of time. There are proven workouts that increase your metabolism and spur calorie burn throughout the day. Check out these techniques to boost up your calorie burn during every workout session, and melt the fat away in lesser time:

Use muscles more

The more muscles you use, the more fat you burn. So, go on rails on treadmill, and let the core muscle support your lower body. That’s how your muscles will have to work harder and you will burn more calories in lesser time.

Put your arms into it

As your arms goes, your legs follow. If you want to burn fat faster, pump your arm and your legs will follow. By doing this you will also involve more upper body muscles for calorie burning bonus.

High intensity interval training

HIIT will provide you the big metabolic boost. High intensity interval training is actually a combination of short, high intensity bursts workout, with slow, recovery phases performed repeatedly throughout 15 to 20 minutes session.

Exercise with weights

Heavier people burn more fat, as their bodies have to work harder to keep them in motion. Thus, you hold the weights during exercise. This will increase the intensity of your workout.

Try Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks pump-up your heart rate in no time. Thus, while doing the jumping jacks you will burn more calories.

Practice Jump squat

Begin with normal squat, and then involve your core and jump up quickly. While landing, keep your body into the squat position to complete one rep. This is how you can burn fat fast.

Fattening Foods You Should Never Eat

Drop that spoon! You deserve the occasional treats, but before you eat there are some foods that you should strictly avoid to prevent the damaging effects on your skin, body and waistline. Sometimes it is very difficult to find out what is and isn’t good for health when you are stuck somewhere, your tummy is rumbling, and there aren’t any nutrition facts available.

Foods to never eat

Some best-tasting foods are actually the worst in terms of calories and fat. Yes, it is hard to avoid such foods, but if you want to lose weight fast, you need to learn self-control around fattening foods. In order to lose weight, you need to pay attention over the nutritional value of the food before eating. However, the most luring foods don’t come with the nutritional value tag, so here is the list of foods that you should skip at grocery store, mall and restaurant:


Yogurt and fruits can’t be unhealthy, right? Wrong! Smoothies available on the market are often made from milk, ice-cream and crammed with sugar. Your 1-hour workout session will be useless after consuming one smoothie. Instead, you can try a homemade low-carb smoothie.


Chips are high in fat and dense in calories. Portion control is also difficult when you start eating the chips. Replace the chips with healthy snacks.


The store-bought frosting might look and taste great on cookies and cakes, but they are not good for health. They contain trans-fats, which are terrible for your waistline.


Bagels are not easy to resist, but if you are trying to lose weight, think twice before grabbing a bagel. This food is high in glycemic index, which increases insulin level in body that leads in increasing inflammation.

Processed Baked Goods:

Processed baked foods are so tasty and so convenient, but so not worth it. The pre-packaged doughnuts, dessert cakes and mini muffins will add a lot of calories and plenty of unwanted sugar to your diet.


Every weight loss doctor, nutritionist and dietician recommends avoiding soda drinks. One soda can contain ten packets of sugar in it. Replace soda with fresh fruit juice and observe the difference.

SpringEasy But Effective Ways to Kick-Start Your Weight Loss

Spring is here and if you are like most of people, you have possibly set your goals on losing weight fast and achieving the best body of your life. Maybe you have even promised yourself the same thing in past, and followed the most up-to-date diet book and did whatever is recommended, no matter how absurd the suggestion was. Well, folks! That doesn’t work –crash diet, fade diet, quick fixers and overnight weight loss tips do not result in weight loss. Reasonable, slow and steady changes in lifestyle do. Hypothetically, weight loss sounds easy: eat less and move more, but for many weight loss aspirants it is massively challenging.

Kick-start weight loss

Kick-start your weight loss with the below mentioned easy-to-follow tweaks:

Eat breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you skip breakfast, your body operates at a slower pace. Breakfast provides you energy for rest of the day. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast also means you are less likely to overeat at lunch.

Eat healthy snacks between meals: Snacking is important. You can eat healthy snacks between meals to avoid overeating. Healthy snacks satisfy your hunger without costing a lot of calories.

Drink water before you eat your meal: When you drink water before eating food, you will feel full even after eating less. This will help you in decreasing your portion size.

Substitute junk with healthier food: The best way of moving towards healthy diet is replacing junk food with healthier ones. You can replace pizza, burger and soft drinks with fruits, vegetables and herbal teas.

Workout, but not too long and not too intensely: Do not start with heavy workouts. Your body will not be able to bear that much amount of stress suddenly. Begin with light-weight workouts such as walking, jogging, swimming etc. First make your body flexible and then increase the intensity of workout. On the other hand, if you start with high intensity exercises for weight loss, each and every part of your body will ache, and you will not be able to maintain the consistency.

Does Starving Yourself Help You Lose Weight?

In order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. What if you totally cut down the calories? Well, you definitely accelerate the weight loss, but rapid weight loss is not easy and healthy. Starving may provide you some short-term weight loss, but once you start eating food, you will gain weight again.

The maximum weight loss your body can initiate in one day (either muscle or fat) is half pound. The weight you lose more than this amount is water weight, but once this water is replaced, your body will start gaining weight again. Your body will not burn fat when you are starving because it requires fat to keep you alive. Body breakdowns muscle in the deficiency of fuel. The muscles get smaller, they utilize less energy and work less, letting you to survive longer on the stored fat. Thus, you lose more muscle mass when you starve your body.

As per your metabolism, your body needs a specified amount of calories everyday to carry out the bodily functions such as –cellular repair, breathing, pumping blood and hormone production. Starving leaves no energy for body to perform these basic functions. When you starve for a few days, you can also experience dizziness, weakness, nutritional deficiencies, nausea, digestive distress, irritability, fatigue and depression. Undergoing a starvation diet for a long period of time can have serious impact on your health, and result in multiple organ failure and even cause death.

When you starve, your metabolism slowdowns in order to save energy and survive the professed famine. This happens within a few days after starting starvation diet. Now, when you start eating, your body will keep that food stored until next starvation period. Thus, you will gain weight even after consuming lesser calories.

As it is not possible to put on extra weight only in a few days, it is unlikely to lose weight quickly. The slower the rate of weight loss the more maintainable progression will be. When you lose weight slowly, you can maintain the changes for the long period of time without suffering from extreme feelings of deprivation.

Do This During Your Workday to Burn More Calories and Fat

Sitting all day long is not good for health at all. This is the reason why people with sitting jobs often complain about bulging belly, fat butts and inappropriate posture. Many weight loss doctors recommend people to pay attention over their sitting time while they are working. It is important to stand-up within regular intervals for health boost. When you stood-up frequently during 8 hours of period, you burn more fat and calories. Since each stand to sit and sit to stand transition demands energy expenditure and muscle activation, you can burn extra calories.

How to Lose Weight and Get Fit While Working Insane Hours

No Junky Snacks: Instead of depending on vending machine, eat homemade snacks. You can decrease your calorie consumption by replacing your sugary snacks with healthy ones. Rely on protein-packed, fiber-filled snacks that will help in keeping you satisfied on fairly few calories. Eat fruits, nuts and sprouts in your snacks break.

Drink Infused water: It is important to keep yourself hydrated. By sipping infused water throughout the day, you can flatten your belly. Consider purchasing an infuser water bottle for your office desk, so that you can infuse the extract of fruits and herbs in water.

Stand Instead of Sit: Standing improves energy level, tones muscles, burns extra calories, increases blood flow, improves posture and ramps up metabolism. You can set a timer to stand-up from your chair.

Take Breaks: Sitting continuously 8 hours is not good for health at all. It is important to take at least 2 to 3 breaks. You can go down-stairs to get some fresh air. A bit of amplified heart rate will boost blood flow and oxygen intake. This will not only refresh your mind, but will benefit to your lungs, muscles and heart if done frequently and consistently.

Morning and Evening workout: You can kick start your day with jogging, swimming, cycling etc. These workouts for weight loss will refresh your heart and soul. You will feel energetic throughout the day. Similarly, you can spare 1 hour after office to visit gym.

Easy Ways To Slash Calories

The immediate effect of cutting calories from here and there won’t instantly show-up on the scale, but consistent changes will. Cutting a lot of calories instantly from diet will make you feel lethargic and dizzy all day long, and it is not a good way of losing weight fast either. In order to lose weight fast, you need to start with cutting at least 500 calories from your regular diet. You won't even know you're eating less, and you won't feel hungry. You won't even realize that you are eating less, and you won't feel hungry.

Below mentioned are effortless ways of cutting calories throughout your day—without feeling them at all:

Drink plain tea or coffee

By drinking black tea or coffee, you cut 69 calories. Avoid adding cream, sugar and other extras in your beverages, and observe the change. People who have habit of drinking tea or coffee more than two times a day should strictly drink them black. You can still kick start your day with plain tea or coffee.

Get more fiber at breakfast

By opting high-fiber breakfasts, you can feel fuller and eat lesser. Such breakfast will curb your hunger till lunch, and you will consume 31% lesser calories at lunch as well. Instead of packed food, try eating cereals in lunch.

Eat protein throughout the day

If you eat high protein foods in meals, you can save yourself from mid-afternoon hunger. You can obtain sufficient amount of protein from nuts, lean meat, soy, dairy products and seeds. This will even help you in suppressing sweet lure.

Watch your salad toppings

By including a lot of veggies in your meal, you automatically cut a lot of calories. Eat variety of salads, but watch your salad toppings.

Do more cooking at home

Instead of, ordering food from outside, try cooking more food at home. When you cook your own food, you keep calorie count under check. Homemade food is the best when you are following low calorie diet.

Cut back on cooking oil

A tablespoon of cooking oil contains about 120 calories. It is possible to prepare tasty meals in lesser oil.

Best Snacks for Weight Loss

If you are sacrificing your snacks to cut calories, then STOP. Snacking can help you in losing weight, as they fuel your body between meals. Healthy snacks make sure that you won't be famished till mealtime, and keep your fat-burning metabolism up. However, the choice of snacks matters. There are several nutritionist-approved snacks that will make you feel full and help you to lose weight fast.

Healthy snacks for weight loss

Snacking does not mean weight gain. Snacks can power-up weight loss. It is important to have 1 or 2 snack breaks between the meals, because they curb your hunger. Snacking can also provide you all the nutrients that your body needs. They keep metabolism and sugar at even level. You should eat right snacks in right quantity. Check out the below mentioned snacks for maximum weight loss results:

Greek yogurt with raspberries and honey

This dish is creamy, sweet and filling. Greek yogurt with raspberries is pure indulgent. Along with being tasty, this snack is full of healthy fat, fiber and protein. And raspberries are natural source of vitamin C that increases the fat burning capability of body.

Grapes and walnuts

Everyone loves grapes and walnuts. Grapes are sweet and walnuts are filling. You can eat this combination as snacks to suppress your snack time hunger. This power-combo provides you fiber, natural sugar, protein and healthy fat.

Wheat Thins and cottage cheese

Dip wheat thins in cottage cheese and enjoy healthy snacks. This snack will provide protein and healthy fat to your body which will keep you full till meal time.

Mediterranean hummus tray

You can enjoy the benefits of Mediterranean diet by eating hummus tray as snacks. This low-fat and high-fiber snack feels more like a meal.

Oatmeal and blueberries

Oats are not just for breakfast. You can eat oats as snacks. Oats are full of fiber that helps in regulating blood sugar level.

Apple slices with cheese

An apple a day might not keep doctor away, but it prevents weight gain. Many weight loss nutritionists recommend this snack, as this combination is the journal of nutrition.

What is the best fat-loss workout?

There is no getting around with the fact that you have to follow a disciplined workout routine to burn the body fat and build the muscle mass. You can burn fat and sculpt your body without hitting gym, and even without using any equipment. There are various fat loss exercises that can give you the physique that you have always wanted. While it takes a lot of effort and different type of exercises to achieve all-round fitness, there are several workouts that can help you in burning the fat faster than others. It is important to opt for the right exercises to experience effective outcomes.

Best Fat Burning Workouts

HIIT: High intensity interval training workout is done in short bursts with high intensity. The best thing about HIIT is you do not need any equipment to perform this workout, and you can practice this workout anywhere anytime. This workout includes sit ups, jump squats, push-ups, split-jumps, tricep dips and Burpess. HIIT workout boosts metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle mass. This workout is very good for heart health as well.

Total Body Strength training: Strength training helps in boosting metabolism and burning fat. This workout includes both upper and lower body workouts that make your body as well as brain works harder. In order to perform total body strength training, you need dumbbells. The exercises are performed in two sets (8 reps, 2 sets). This workout include exercises like plank push-up, close row kickback, reverse lunge, lateral raises, ski squat and pull-ups. With strength training, you can burn more calories and results will be visible in shorter amount of time.

Combination of Strength training and HIIT: Combination of HIIT and strength training is a full body weight loss workout. This combination can provide you the lean body in least amount of time. It helps you in burning calories, building muscle mass and avoiding plateaus. This workout is suitable for men and women. With this workout you get rock solid core, defined arms and lean legs. This workout lets you lose weight, not muscle. However, it is challenging workout.

How to Set Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight isn’t easy and isn’t fun. But it doesn’t mean that you give up even before trying. Weight loss is difficult not impossible. It is possible to achieve the desired level of fitness by following the weight loss diet plan and workout routine. The very first step towards health and fitness is setting the goals. It is important to set the achievable weight loss goals to stay motivated for losing weight. Instead of setting big and scary goals, start with tinier goals.

The best way of setting weight loss goals is to follow standards. Your goals should be measurable, specific, realistic, attainable and tangible. The very first step is determining if you really need to lose weight. Ideal body weight differs from person to person. There are several parameters used to figure out if a person needs to lose weight, such as:

  • If BMI (Body-Mass-Index) is greater than 25
  • If waist hip ratio is higher than 1.0 for men and .8 for women
  • If measurement of Abdominal Girth is more than 40 for men and 35 for women

These are the clues that indicate that you need to lose weight. It is important to understand telltale signs like tightening of clothes, getting easily exhausted while performing any physical activity and clear visibility of fat around abdomen area. If you have observed any of these signs, you need to figure out a weight loss routine.

Setting weight loss goals

In order to achieve the weight loss results, it is important to set the right goals. Here is how to set weight loss goals:

Think short-term: Weight loss is not an overnight game. You cannot lose all the weight in 1 or 2 months, and you have to accept this fact while planning your weight loss goals. Instead of thinking where you will be in one year, think about where you will be in next two weeks.

Figure out diet strategy: It is not possible to switch the diet plan instantly. Thus, instead of following any random diet from internet, visit a weight loss doctor and ask for a healthy diet plan for weight loss.

Select the workout plan: It is not possible to lose weight with diet alone. You have to practice the best exercise for weight loss. Don’t start with rigorous workouts. Begin with easy exercises and slowly increase the intensity of your workout.

Spotlight on..... Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten is a component of the protein that is present in wheat, barley and rye. Gluten is responsible for providing elastic quality to bread products and making them chewy, so gluten is one of the components of baked goods. A gluten free diet is one that eliminates most grains. The pros and cons of a gluten free diet should be carefully considered, especially if you are thinking about cutting gluten completely from your diet.

Gluten-free diets

A gluten-free diet involves avoiding any product that contains wheat, barley or rye. It is not easy to avoid gluten, as wheat is found in almost every commercially manufactured food. Fortunately there are a few gluten-free products available that are dense in nutrient and full of whole food.

Following a gluten-free diet plan is a big change, and like anything new, it takes a while in getting used to. A person may initially feel deprived due food restrictions of this diet plant. Gluten-free diet is primarily recommended for people who have celiac disease and gluten intolerance, but nowadays, it has become the new craze for weight-loss.

There is absolutely no evidence that proves that avoiding gluten will help in weight loss. However, gluten-free diet will help you in avoiding processed foods and cause you eat more fruits, legumes, whole grains etc. that will eventually help in losing weight. People who follow gluten-free diet tend to make healthier eating choices because they are more concern about reading food labels.

Gluten Free Food List

Healthy fat: Healthy fat present in virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, pasture-fed butter, almond milk, nuts and seeds are free from gluten. You can eat these foods while following gluten free diet.

Protein: Proteins present in wild fish, shellfish, molluscs, egg, pork, poultry and grass-fed meat are free from gluten. You can include these foods in your gluten free diet plan.

Vegetables: Vegetables such as lettuces, kale, chard, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, Brussels sprouts, sauerkraut, shallots, scallions, ginger, green beans, celery etc. are free from gluten.

Low-sugar Fruit: Fruits such as cucumber, tomato, avocado, bell peppers, pumpkin and eggplant, are healthy gluten-free foods.

If you are thinking about following any strict diet for weight loss, do consult with a weight loss nutritionist. Only a nutritionist can suggest you the best diet according to your present health and lifestyle.

A balanced diet for vegetarians

Vegetarians are often worried that they won’t get all necessary nutrients with vegetarian diet. Being a healthy vegetarian is possible by eating variety of foods that provide protein, vitamin, calcium and other important nutrients to your body. In fact, there are many healthy vegetarian diets for weight loss that can support your rigorous workout routine. It is possible to obtain the necessary nutrients without eating egg, meat and fish. Vegetarian diets can be healthy, tasty and satisfying, if you follow the right diet plan.

Being a healthy vegetarian

Vegetarians can enjoy pulses, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and dairy products. The plant-based diets are healthier. There are less reported cases of diabetes, obesity and heart diseases for people who follow vegetarian diet. Typically, vegetarian foods contain less saturated fats, and more fiber, folate and antioxidants. If you eat right, you can maintain a healthy body weight with vegetarian or vegan diet.

Healthy breakfast for vegetarians

Kick start your day with protein-based breakfast. The protein-rich foods are sustaining and filling. Protein can slow down stomach emptying, so that you can feel fuller for longer, and thus you will consume fewer calories later in the day. You can eat cereal, oats, nuts, seeds and yogurt for breakfast.

Healthy mid-morning snacks for vegetarians

Make every meal count. Healthy mid-morning snacks can make you feel better throughout the day. You can provide vitamin D and iron to your body by eating fruits and vegetables in the morning. Just swap your morning biscuits with banana and packed muffins with fruit smoothies.

Healthy lunch for vegetarians

Eat carb-rich foods in lunch to suppress the mid-afternoon hunger. Your breakfast should be combination of nuts, grains, beans, dairy products and starchy carbs. Choose fiber-rich whole grain foods for lunch.

Healthy mid-afternoon snacks for vegetarians

You can indulge yourself with savory popcorn, colorful salad, mixed seeds and low-fat cream cheese on crackers in mid-afternoon. These foods can suppress your hunger till dinner.

Healthy dinner for vegetarians

For dinner, eat healthy carbohydrates with essential fat. According to weight loss nutritionists, fiber-rich and low-fat foods are necessary in dinner to get you through to breakfast.

Surprising habits that accelerate fat loss

If you are trying to lose weight, you are required to eat less and exercise more. There is no doubt about that. But in order to accelerate your weight loss speed, you need to make some lifestyle changes to burn body fat. It is possible to achieve the healthy weight loss results without following weird workouts or crazy diets. Positive lifestyle changes can double or even triple your weight loss speed. With right habits, you can lose weight fast as well as feel energetic throughout the day. You can follow the below mentioned 6 rules to multiply the effect of your diet and exercise program:

Rule #1: Drink More Water Before Meal

There are plenty of health benefits of drinking water, but did you know that drinking water can accelerate your fat loss? Drinking water before meal can boost your metabolism and provide a smoother digestive system. When you drink water before meals, you trim down the fat and feel fuller that will prevent you from overeating.

Rule #2: Spend more time chewing your food

Eating slowly can actually help you in losing weight. When you eat slowly, food causes your brain to decrease its sense of hunger, and thus you will not eat more than what is necessary for your body at the end of your meal.

Rule #3: Eat more protein

When you are trying to lose weight, your body requires more protein to build muscle mass. Protein is very much important when you are doing resistant training. You can get your protein dose from lean meat, nuts and low-fat yogurt.

Rule #4: Sleep more

Sleeping boosts the metabolism. The longer you sleep the more fat you burn. Sleep also helps in regulating hormones that control hunger. When you skip sleep, your body produces more hormones that trigger food cravings.

Rule #5: Take a walk after every meal

Actually, walking is not the best exercise. But walking after every meal helps muscles in absorbing the glucose you ate. This prevents meal from spiking your insulin level.

Rule #6: Interval training

If you already do high intensity cardio workouts such as swimming, running or cycling, rev it up with high intensity interval training. Many weight loss doctors recommend interval training for weight loss. There are tons of great interval workouts.

Bad Habits that give you belly fat

People easily develop bad habits to save energy and time. Old habits may be hard to break, but it becomes important to get rid of bad habits when they are breaking your weight loss efforts. Some bad habits can give you belly fat. Already it is not easy to burn belly fat and your bad habits can sabotage all your dieting and exercising efforts, as result belly becomes bigger and bigger. If you want to say good bye to your flabby stomach and welcome toned body, you have to avoid these belly fat causing habits:

Drinking Diet Soda: You might think that switching sugar based soda from diet soda will help your health, but that’s not the case. Diet sodas have their own side-effects and dangers. This non-sugary soda can increase your waist circumference.

Using a Larger Plate Each Time You Eat: Pay attention over size of plate that you use during mealtime. When you have more space to put food, you tend to eat more than your body actually needs, and that cause more belly fat.

Late Night Dining: Yes, it is true that body naturally burn some flab while you are asleep, it might not be efficiently done if you sleep with full stomach. Along with causing belly fat, late night dining increases the risk of indigestion and acid reflux. To avoid this consider taking your dinner at least 3 hours before sleeping.

Eating when you are Sad, Angry or Upset: Eating absent-mindedly when your emotions are at peak is not wise. By doing this you are ruining all your work-out and diet efforts. Emotional eating will not make you feel comfortable, instead it will load you with calories.

Depriving Yourself from Sleep: Sleep deprivation not only slow-down your weight loss, but it will increase the secretion of stress hormones. These hormones increase the sugar craving. This eventually increases the belly fat.

Not Getting Enough Protein in Your Regular Diet: Protein is very essential for body. By increasing your protein consumption, you can stabilize your blood sugar while dropping insulin levels. Ask your weight loss nutritionist for healthy proteins.

Surprising health benefits of weight loss

Carrying around extra weight not only feels uncomfortable, but it can also cause serious damage your health. Along with improving your physical appearance, weight loss can totally change the way you feel about yourself. Even 5 to 10 % of weight loss can improve your overall health. However, losing weight is not an overnight task. Everyone crave for healthy body weight, but losing that excess weight is not as easy as it sounds. You need to do a lot of hard work in the gym, consult with a nutritionist for weight loss diet, and have to follow an active lifestyle.

Health problems linked to being overweight

There are many health problems associated with overweight body. These health problems can make you feel weak, lethargic and sick. The best way to prevent health complications is keeping body weight under control. The overweight people have higher risk of:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Back pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Type 2 diabetes

Benefits of maintaining healthy body weight

Weight loss can be life changing. Along with making you look good from every angle, there are many bonus perks of weight loss, some of them are:

Better Sleep: You can actually get better sleep after losing weight. Only 5% of weight loss can give you better and longer sleep throughout the night. By burning excess body fat, you can alleviate the snoring and sleep apnea.

Better Hormonal Balance: Thyroid gland creates and secretes very important hormones that are responsible for regulating the metabolism of your body. These hormones can also affect muscle strength. When you get rid of excess fat, your hormone levels get steady and as a result it becomes easier for you to maintain your weight loss results.

Better Sex Life: You will automatically feel the energy boost after losing weight. The weight loss results can also improve your sex drive.

Better Mood: Just like your physical health, weight loss can enhance your mental health. While you work out, feel good chemicals are released. That’s the reason why you feel good after working out.

There are many benefits of losing weight. If you are thinking about weight loss, you should visit a weight loss clinic for better and faster results.

6 Pack Abs Diet: Foods to sculpt your abs

You are going gym regularly, practicing countless stability exercises and sit-ups, and spending hours on treadmill—but still not getting the six-pack-abs that you are targeting! It is disheartening to not to get abs after working so hard. Well, along with exercise you will have to follow a special six pack abs diet to get the desired results. No matter how strong your core is, you will have to beat the belly bulge to see your abs.

Six Pack Abs Diet

If you want a six pack abs body, you will have to ditch the junk foods and incorporate a diet plan that torches belly fat, boosts metabolism, banishes bloat, and wards off future weight gain. You can do rigorous exercise all day but if your diet is not on point, you will not see results. To make chiseled abs, you need to cut your calorie consumption. However, to do this efficiently you need to keep track of your calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat consumption. You need to make sure that your body gets enough fuel for workout recovery.

Best foods for 6 pack abs


Eggs can be ultimate breakfast food for six pack abs aspirants. This breakfast favorite has all nutrients that are required to boosts metabolism. Eating eggs in breakfast also help in turning off the genes that are responsible for belly fat storage.


Bananas can help you in fighting against gas and water retention. Eating bananas twice in a day can reduce belly bloating up to 50%. You can kick start your day with a banana.

Green Tea

Green tea can make your gym time more worthwhile. This tea is a powerful abs-chiseler. It’s antioxidant quality resist belly fat storage.

Lean Poultry

Lean proteins are must for 6 pack abs aspirants. Every weight loss doctor for men recommends the lean proteins. You can eat turkey and chicken every day. Consuming one gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight each day can help you in building muscle mass.


Chickpeas, beans and lentils work as magic for revealing abs. Legumes are also good for keeping bad cholesterol and blood pressure under control.

How Much Do You Have to Exercise for a Flat Stomach?

In order to tighten and flatten your stomach, you are required to have both toned abdominal muscles and low body fat percent. Your exercises for flat belly should include abdominal strengthening sessions as well as calorie-burning cardio workout. The amount of exercise you need to get the flat stomach depends on how much excess fat you are carrying with you. With healthy eating plan and apt training program it is possible to get flatter, stronger and toned stomach.

Lowering overall body fat

Burning body fat is important to flatten the stomach. You can achieve this by burning more calories than you consume. To lose the stomach fat you will have to burn calories with frequent cardio exercises and bound the calorie consumption by following a healthy diet plan. Stomach fat is stubborn. Getting rid of stomach fat is not going to be easy. However, regular exercise and healthy diet can help you in lowering the body fat.

Calorie Burning Cardio Workout

Running is the most effective cardio for burning calories. Initially, you can start running 1km a day, and gradually increase the distance up to 6km. You can give a kick start to your day with running. This workout will not only help you in burning calories, but also make you feel fresh throughout the day.

Swimming is another calorie burning cardio workout that can give you a flat belly. This workout improves muscle strength and definition, builds bone mass, provides flexibility and reduces inflammation. In fact, swimming is a great recreational activity that you can enjoy.

Other calorie burning cardio workouts are bicycling, jumping rope and rock climbing. You can switch between various cardio activities to stay motivated.

Healthy diet plan

No matter how much and how intense workout you do, it is important to follow a healthy diet for flat stomach. Eat healthy breakfast and then have 3 to 4 small meals a day, but decrease portion size. Your diet should be composed of seasonal fruits, green vegetables, legumes, whole wheat products and low-fat dairy. This will make certain that your body is receiving the nutrients it requires for workout sessions.

Secrets of Successful Weight Maintenance

Losing excess weight is a great accomplishment, but it is only half the battle. The bigger challenge is keeping the weight under control over the long term. It is possible to manage your weight loss result, by following a systematic weight loss plan prepared by a weight loss doctor. Weight management requires different approach than weight loss.

After losing weight people generally do not stick with their diet plan. That’s why they start gaining weight again. The challenge is that the human body is very capable of adapting change. If your body has kept a certain weight for a while, then the body tends to attain that weight. But the good news is that it is possible to keep off weight by following healthy habits.

How to keep the weight off

DO get enough sleep. Sleep deprived bodies crave for unhealthy foods that eventually result in weight gain. It is important to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

DO practice moderate exercises. Even if you are not following rigorous workout regime for weight loss, you should keep practicing moderate exercises. You should exercise 60 to 75 minutes per day. Moderate exercises such as walking and jogging are good for health.

DO enjoy outdoor sports. Since you are not following your diet and workout regime anymore, you should find an outdoor sport to indulge in. The sports such as badminton, volleyball and squash are really good for health.

DO try new healthy foods. If you are no longer interested in following your old weight loss diet, you can eat other healthy foods. You can easily find low-calorie foods that are good in taste.

DO eat your favorite high calorie food occasionally. You can eat your favorite food but in moderation.

DON’T give up weight management after getting back some pounds.

DON’T fear the scale. Instead of measuring yourself regularly, make adjustment in diet and exercise to keep your current weight.

DON’T skip meals. Skipping meals is not healthy weight loss practice. People who skip meals feel hungrier later in the day and they overeat.

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity: Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Childhood obesity is a complicated issue. It has more than a single cause. The obesity in children is a big problem because the extra pounds often lead them towards other health issues, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma, sleep apnea and diabetes. Childhood obesity can cause depression and poor self-esteem as well. It is important for parents to take their children to weight loss center to correct the eating habits and lifestyles of their children.

Obesity in children

Today’s kids are spending more time in front of the computer, TV, video-game console, phone and tablet. They are neither interested in exercising nor in outdoor games. Plus busy families do not have enough time to prepare nutritious meals for their children. From electronics to fast food, quick and easy is the reason behind increasing rate of childhood obesity.

Preventing children from getting overweight means choosing the way your family will eat and workout. Diverting your kids towards healthy lifestyles begins with parents. Kids learn what they see. If you follow healthy practices, your kids will follow your path.

Healthy eating tips

In order to prevent childhood obesity, opting healthy eating habits are important. Whole family should start healthy eating altogether to encourage a child. Follow below mentioned healthy eating tips:

Morning Meal:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Prepare a nutritious breakfast for your kids to prevent hunger and overeating later in the day. Research shows that kids who eat breakfast have less tardiness, higher school attendance and fewer stomachaches in the morning. They focus better, develop problem solving skills more easily and have healthier muscle coordination.

Homemade Food:

Instead of ordering food from restaurants, prepare nutritious meals for your family. By doing this you can minimize the exposure of your child to unhealthy food such as fries, soda drinks etc.

Portion Size:

Active kids need to eat 2 or 3 nutritious snacks and 3 meals a day. Keeping these frequent snacks and meals at kid-sized portions will keep calories in check. Along with portion size, it is important to follow a healthy diet plan for weight loss.

Are You Making These Weight-Loss Mistakes?

Theoretically, weight loss seems simple enough –just eat less and move more. Right? Well, anyone who has actually tried losing weight knows that picking right diet and exercise is tricky. All weight loss aspirants inevitably make some mistakes along the way, and most of the time they don’t even know that they are making mistake. These mistakes affect their weight loss results. It is important to follow a systematic weight loss strategy to not only to lose weight but to maintain the healthy weight.

Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Being too strict: Dieting does not mean starving. If you suddenly stop eating everything for losing weight, you will feel weak after a few days. Of course you are required to eat less, but not eating enough will not get you to your goal any faster.

Relying on exercise: Undoubtedly, exercise is important. Along with exercise, it is important to make the right dietary changes to achieve the weight loss results. If not combined with healthy diet, exercise has very little impact on weight loss.

Relying on Low-Fat and Diet Foods: If you go for ‘diet’ or ‘low-fat’ labels, you are making another weight loss mistake. These foods are not for dieters. They contain hidden calories and abundant fats. Moreover, such foods can increase sugar cravings, reduce energy level and cause weight gain over time.

Being Sleep Deprived: If you are not able to lose weight despite of exercising and dieting, the reason can be sleep deprivation. Sleep levels are directly proportional to hormone levels. Sleep deprivation results in an increased secretion of cortisol hormone, which triggers fat storage.

Going Through Stress: It is not possible to live stress free life. Unfortunately, excess stress can be one of the reasons why you are not able to lose weight. During stress, cortisol is released –a hormone that makes you crave for sweet and high-fat foods.

Neglecting Protein: Some nutrients play important role in body-weight regulation, and protein is one of the nutrients. If you really want to lose weight, you should follow a weight loss program that allows you to eat healthy proteins.

Why Is It Important to Maintain a Healthy Body weight?

Maintaining a healthy body weight is very important for overall health. The condition of your body decides your day to day well-being and how well you will age. It is important to maintain fitness through healthy diet programs and exercises. Achieving healthy body weight is important for good musculoskeletal strength, blood circulation and digestion. By maintaining your body weight you can live a fit and active life. Benefits of healthy body extend to greater mental alertness, mood elevation and reduced chronic disease risk.

The Importance of a Healthy Weight

When you keep a healthy weight, you enjoy greater energy and come across fewer aches. In order to facilitate all of your body processes, you are required to consume adequate dietary fiber, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and carbohydrates.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight is not always easy. By maintaining a healthy weight, you can guard your body against diseases, such a –high blood pressure, heart disease, gallstones, diabetes, breathing difficulties, and certain cancers.

Many factors can contribute to your weight. These factors include –environment, genetics, metabolism, and habits. It is essential to consider all the factors when you try to achieve the healthy body weight.

Simple ways to maintain a healthy weight

Losing weight is one thing and maintaining it off is another. However, weight management does not have to mean dramatic change in lifestyle. You may quickly lose weight by following zero calorie diet and strict workout regime, but you will not be able to maintain the weight loss results. Not eating enough calories in a week is a directly proportional to overeating later. Similarly sudden introduction of rigorous workout is not good for body.

Here are some weight loss tips to help you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight:

  • Don't deprive yourself from food, eat healthy instead
  • Watch your portion size
  • Eat less food, more often
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Choose healthy snacks
  • Focus on whole food, avoid processed food
  • Engage in daily physical activities
  • Do not exhaust yourself while working out

The right weight loss approach can help you be more successful at weight management.

What to Eat For Breakfast to Lose Weight

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are trying to lose weight, it is good to make your morning meal count. Breakfast provides initial input of energy to your body that helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism throughout the day. Without breakfast, or with an insufficient breakfast, you will feel sluggish and lethargic all the time. Skipping breakfast is not a right way of losing weight. Instead, eating healthy breakfast to lose weight will help you. By eating a nutritious and healthy breakfast, you will provide energy to your body that is required to perform various tasks throughout the day.

Breakfast Tips for Faster Weight Loss

A healthy breakfast is a combination of protein, carbs, fiber and fat. A healthy breakfast can make you feel fuller for longer duration. By eating a healthy breakfast, you can give a kick start to your day. If you want to lose weight, you should eat food that contain high protein and fiber, and low sugar and fat. A good breakfast also contains a combination of food groups that provide vitamins and minerals to your body.

Try these below mentioned popular healthy breakfast options, designed precisely to boost calorie burn:


Oatmeal can actually help you in losing weight. Oats are high in fiber content that will keep you fuller longer. It is a slow-release carb. So, if you eat oats 3 hours before workout, they will help you in burning fat.

Peanut Butter

Nuts promote weight loss. Simply slather a tablespoon of peanut butter onto whole-wheat bread and observe the change in your metabolism. You can also include other healthy nuts in your breakfast.


Eggs are healthy source of protein. This high-protein food can keep you satisfied for longer. In order to make your breakfast more nutritious and tasty, you can cook eggs with broccoli and hot pepper.


Avocados are special fruits. Whereas maximum fruits are high in carbs, avocados are loaded with healthy fats. It is one of the most recommended fruits by weight loss doctors for breakfast.

What’s best for Your Health Goals: Diet or Exercise?

Looking for the best weight loss plan? Should the focus be on healthy diet, or the solution be found in the exercise! Well, the answer is hidden somewhere in between. When it comes to losing weight, you will have two options –modifying your diet and doing the right exercise.


Being fit is easy, right? "Eat less, move more." It is simple to say, but reality is different when it comes to health and fitness. A combination of a well-rounded exercise regimen and a healthy diet plan is key for weight loss. You can lose weight by following the right diet alone, but workout is an important aspect of the healthy weight loss. Without exercise, only a part of your weight loss is from fat—you will also strip away muscle and bone density.

Some weight loss experts say it is 80 % diet and 20 % exercise, some say it is 70 % diet and 30 % exercise, but at the end diet always win. This does not to suggest that exercise is not important, because it absolutely is, but what you put in your mouth makes a more contribution to your waistline than how you move your body.

Weight loss and weight gain are all about calorie consumption and expenditure. You can lose weight when you eat lesser calories than you expend. However, diet plays much bigger role in weight loss. In terms of obesity, you did not gain all the weight because you were not working out. You gained it because of the amount and types of food you ate on the regular basis. You must prepare a caloric deficit plan to lose a significant amount weight, and modify your diet to do it.

A low calorie diet program is must when you want to lose weight. If you think that you can eat whatever you want and then burn calories by working out, then you need to think again. Burning calories via workout is much difficult. You have to work out a lot to use the calories.

Bottom Line: While each activity has its own importance in weight loss process, they are not on even terms. Healthy diet is more important when you want to lose weight.

The Best Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

After 9 months of being in a body that’s continuously changing, you may be psyched to meet your baby and embrace. At the same time you might be eager to get into shape. Losing weight after pregnancy is different. Researches show that many women hold on to at least a couple of pounds post-delivery, and a quarter of women retain 10 or more pounds, a year after giving birth.

How to Lose the Baby Weight

Holding on to pregnancy weight can result serious health problems down the road, putting mothers at risk for chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. And losing the pregnancy weight is not only important for mothers, but also for babies. Higher weight can make create complications in future pregnancy, putting both the developing child and mother at risk for medical complications.

Realistic Things Every Woman Should Know About Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Don't start dieting too soon: Your body requires time to recover from delivery and labor. Give yourself at least 6 week postnatal checkups before you actually start counting your calorie intake and actively try to lose weight. If you are breastfeeding, wait until your baby is at least two months old before stating dieting for losing weight. Following a weight loss diet too soon after delivery can slow down your recovery and can make you feel more tired

Be realistic about weight loss: Keep in mind that you may not be able to get your pre-pregnancy body. Sometimes pregnancy results permanent changes such as a slightly wider hips, a larger waistline and a softer belly. With this in mind, you should adjust your weight loss goals a bit.

Embrace exercise: There is no magic pill that can make your baby weight disappear. A healthy diet along with regular exercise is the best way of shedding the pounds after pregnancy. It is essential to work out while trying to lose weight to make sure you are losing fat instead of muscles.

How to lose weight with busy schedule

Are you willing to lose weight but you are so busy in running from home to work and back? Is your busy schedule not letting you commit to any diet plan? Do you think it is not possible to lose weight with so much going on? Well, with extra planning and foresight, it is possible to lose weight even with busy schedule. Having a busy schedule can make the entire weight loss process harder, but it still should not be used as an excuse for not losing weight.

Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

The scale does not care about how much time you have in your day, what matters is how wisely you spend your time.

  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Diet

You should start by planning how much weight you want to lose. Many people begin their weight loss program with the anticipation of dropping pounds immediately, and then get discouraged when they don’t get desired results. If you have more than 5 to 10 pounds to lose make a long-term weight loss program to achieve your ultimate goal.

Tips to Lose Weight with a Busy Schedule

Give a kick start to your day: Wake up early and start your day with physical activity on the regular basis. This will help your body to easily wake up and you will feel fresh all day long. You can indulge yourself in any physical activities, such as walking, jogging, swimming etc.

Eat smaller portions: Instead of eating 3 big meals in a day, eat 6 small meals. Eating proper portion sizes is one of the simplest ways of controlling total calorie intake.

Don’t skip meals: Going more than 4 or 5 hours without eating anything can slow metabolic rate, affect insulin and hormones levels. Skipping meals is not going to help you in losing weight; instead it will make you feel dizzy all day long.

Take proper rest: No matter how busy you are, sleep at least 8 hours a day. You will have to provide proper rest to your body, if you want to work out next day.

5 Ways Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight

Unfortunately, only 40% Americans get 6 hours of sleep per night. And cranky attitude, groggy mornings are not the only side-effects of insufficient sleep –missing out on sleep can also result in weight gain. In fact, researchers have found that people who sleep less than 7 hours are heavier, gain weight faster, and have more difficulty in losing weight!

If you are planning to lose weight, then good night sleep is as important as hitting the gym. Check out the below mentioned reasons to tap the snooze button and get more sleep:

It Prevents You From Late Night Snacking

The longer you stay awake, the more likely you are to eat food that you do not need, which can result in weight gain. Take dinner early and try not to eat anything after dinner. Early to bed, early to rise is a good habit.

It Helps You Burn More Calories

Not only you will have more energy to kick start your day after a proper sleep, but your body also torches calories, even when you are not working out. The amount of calories you will burn after giving proper rest to your body will be 5% more than working out with tired body.

It Accelerate Fat Loss

Even if you are following the same diet as your friend and you are not getting enough sleep, you won’t be able lose weight as much as your friend who sleeps properly. Researches show that diet plans work better on people who sleep 8 hours a day.

It Encourages Portion Control

Sleep-starved people add extra calories without even knowing. On the other hand, people who take proper sleep, eat food in the right quantity.

It Helps You in Keeping Your Brain Focused

Your brain works in different manner without sleep. Researchers performed brain scans on people who experience daytime sleepiness and calculated their brain activity in response to high calorie foods. The scan revealed that sleep deprived people lure towards unhealthy food more.

So, these are the reasons why sleep deprived people do not get desired weight loss result as compared to people who sleep eight-hours a day.

What is the best exercise for losing weight?

There is no getting around from the fact that you need to follow a healthy diet plan and get plenty of exercise to lose weight permanently and safely. Exercising burns fat and builds muscle, which is required for increasing metabolism so that you can lose weight. However, a debate about the effective weight loss exercises is likely to divide opinion.

Some people postulate the significance of endurance-type exercises on body. These exercises are performed at a steady rate and with moderate intensity. The rationale is clear. Such exercise consumes more energy as compared to resistance training.

Others support Resistance training. It is because resistance training directly effects on Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). A single session of resistance training can result in the constant increase in BMR that sustains for up to 2 days after exercise. Moreover, increase in Basal Metabolic Rate has been observed after 10 weeks of resistance training is more as compared to that of endurance training. Resistance training provides long-term weight loss results, as they work at cellular level of body.

One more exercising option is High-intensity interval training (HIT). This exercise is done at a low to moderate intensity. It is considered as time-efficient workout. Many research shows this HIT can result rapid changes in metabolism function and even burns body fat at faster pace. However, high intensity exercise is likely difficult for many people because of its explosive nature.

The best exercise for weight loss is the one that you can actually do on the regular basis. Most people do not stick to their weight loss workout regime, which does not give them pleasure. The motivations for weight loss are obvious, but human nature is unpredictable when it comes to pleasure. The optimal approach is probably the combination different types of exercises to get the benefit of each.

Exercises are not miracles. You are not going to lose weight in one or two days. In order to see the weight loss results, you will have to follow your workout regime on the regular basis. And evaluating exercises solely on the basis of their weight loss results might be damaging since exercises offer many other benefits.

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Mediterranean Diet is considered as one of the healthiest diet in the world. This diet is full of healthy fats, whole grains, sea food, legumes, olive oil and moderate amount of wine. The Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan is very good for heart health. Mediterranean-style eating pattern helps in controlling body weight, maintaining blood sugar level, improving heart health and reducing risk of depression.

Mediterranean diet is not about starving. While following this diet, you will never feel like you are dieting. Luckily, Mediterranean Diet is just as pleasant on your taste buds as it is to your health. You can even fire up the grill for tasty Mediterranean dishes and celebrate summer in Mediterranean style!

Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan


Kick start your day with healthy Greek Omelet. The Greek Omelet will provide you the satisfying amount of protein from the eggs, and vegetables nutrients are great add-ons. In order to make Greek Omelet tastier, you can add flavorful feta cheese. This power packed breakfast contains only 267 calories. You can eat a piece of whole-grain toast with this omelet to get more staying power.


Mediterranean lunch is delightful. Fattoush salad with typical Middle Eastern flavors is a famous Mediterranean style lunch. This lunch is easy and quick to make. You can have Toasted Pita and Bean Salad for lunch. Add some beans to your salad to get fiber and protein. Fresh herbs, olive oil and lemon juice will punch up the flavor of your lunch. This balanced lunch delivers whole grains, vegetables and healthy fats to boost your afternoon.


You can have vegetables and fruits to satisfy your evening time hunger. Fresh fruits and vegetables will fulfill your hunger without any side effects. A small handful of nuts are also Mediterranean diet-friendly snack. If you like eating tangy snacks, you can try Spiced Spanish Almonds.


Seafood is the main part of the Mediterranean diet. You can enjoy delicious seafood during dinner. Prepare your dinner in olive oil and add Mediterranean spices. The Mediterranean dinner will provide lean protein and whole grains to your body. Don’t forget to pour a glass of red wine to enjoy each and every bite of your dinner.

The Best Diets for Men

Men do not like following diet plans, but growing stomach makes them think about improving their eating habits. With the right diet and the discipline, men can seriously shred a considerable amount of weight! The good news is that diet plans for men are relatively easy. It is because men have a higher metabolism rate and a lower propensity of storing fat, as compared to women.

What's the Best Diet for Men?

When it comes to men’s weight issues, fat keep accumulating around abdomen region. This increases the risk of weight related ailments, especially diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Even after having a lot of health issues, men resist following diet plans. The best diet plan for men is the non-diet plan. Yes, small changes to drinking, eating and workout habits will work for men. The idea should be looking after what you eat.

Six small meals

Instead of eating 3 big meals a day, split your meals. Eat in small quantity 6 times a day. Small meals will get digested properly and you will not feel hungry. Your meals should have the right balance of protein, vegetables and starch. This will keep the calorie count down and still you will be able to feel energetic throughout the day.

Low-crab, high protein diet

Low-crab, high protein diet is a proven and effective diet plan for men. This diet helps in shedding pounds faster than low-fat diet. Actually, so many protein-rich foods are low in carbs, and they are tasty as well. It will be really very easy for you to follow this diet plan. You can eat Chicken Breast, Ground Turkey, Lean Ground Beef, Lamb, Lean Steak, Veal and Dairy Products. Low-crab also helps in improving insulin sensitivity.

The DASH diet

Dash diet is one of the popular diets for men and women. This diet is very effective for men. The dash diet is low in salt and rich in vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy and nuts. The DASH diet is highly recommended for people high blood pressure, as it helps in keeping blood pressure under control.

Children and Obesity: Healthy Food in the summertime

It’s summer! Kids are home from school and seeking things to indulge in. This can be the perfect time to get involved with kids and teach them about healthy eating habits. Instead of, letting your kids waste their summer vacations playing video games, make them understand about the importance of healthy living.

During the summertime, things get slow down and kids tend to become lazy. This is the time when you should educate your children about the importance of healthy foods. Initially, your kids might not like the idea of eating all healthy, but once they understand the significance of healthy food, they will try to adopt healthy eating habits.

Summertime Foods


Fresh seasonal fruits will keep your kids healthy and active throughout the season. Not only are summertime fruits being a delightful addition to any meal, but fruit gives a multitude of physical and nutritional benefits. Fruits such as watermelon, strawberry, blueberry and more are great options.


Vegetables are full of nutrients and great for overall health. Seasonal vegetables are treasures of health benefits. Veggies contain vitamins, proteins, calcium and many more nutrients. Kids generally don’t like eating vegetables. You can make some tasty vegetable dishes for your kids. Explain them about the health benefits of every vegetable.

Healthy drinks

It is important to stay hydrated during summers. Water is the best choice for sure. Kids get thirsty in the summer and drink canned juices, soda and sugared drinks. These drinks not only make kids obese, but also create other health issues such as diabetes. You can make smoothies, lemonade and juices for your kids.


Instead of letting your kids eat chips, chocolates, burgers and other junk food during snack time, serve them some healthy and tasty snacks. You can cook some healthy recipes such as –mini rice cakes, popcorn, cereal trail mix etc. These snacks will not only satisfy the huger of your child, but also provide the necessary nutrients.

As parents, it is your responsibility to look after your child’s health. You should educate your child about childhood obesity and its consequences.

Food that help you lose weight

Regular workout is great for burning body fat and building muscle mass, but if you want to see the actual weight loss results, what you eat matters. Well, dropping pounds is not about starving. It is about selecting the right foods that fulfill your body needs without increasing your weight. Revamping your diet plan is essential if you want to lose weight. For a clean start, checkout the below mentioned weight loss friendly foods:


Ever imagined that water can help you lose weight? Yes, it can –if you consume food that contains plenty of water like veggies and fruits. Researchers speculate that the high-water-content foods may fill you up so you eat less.


Broccoli is a great source of fiber, folic acid, vitamins and calcium. Since broccoli is high in fiber content, it helps you in keeping satiated and controls your hunger. This vegetable also possesses antioxidant properties. You can eat broccoli in salad, yogurt or soup.


Cabbage is a healthful low-calorie vegetable. Cabbage diet is a natural detox. Just by consuming cabbage before a meal you can satisfy your hunger and reduce your calorie intake. Just like broccoli, you can eat cabbage in salad, yogurt or soup.


Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable. It is full of cancer-fighting phytonutrients. Cauliflower is high in vitamin C. There are many tasty and healthy dishes that you can make from cauliflower including but not limited to roasted cauliflower, cauliflower soup, cauliflower lasagne, and cauliflower hummus with green olives.


Grapefruit is very good for heart-health. This fruit is a good source of folic acid, potassium, pectin, soluble fiber and vitamin C.


Lettuce is a diet-friendly food. It is a great source of vitamin C, folic acid and manganese. Lettuce can help you in losing weight because it lets you to eat satisfying meals without too many calories.

Keys to a Healthy Diet

Striving toward healthy eating choices is not as restrictive or as confusing as many people think. The remedy for better eating is not blandness, deprivation, or a rigid diet-it is introduction of good habits into your life. The essential step to eating right and maintaining weight is a plan that fits into your lifestyle. Eat foods derived from plants, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. And limit the consumption of highly processed food.

Consider these points:

#1: Consume a Variety of Foods: Body needs all the nutrients to nurture. Not all nutrients are present in single food. Eating variety of assortment ensure that your body get all of the disease-combating potential that foods offer.

#2: Keep check on portions: Sure, you can eat all the cucumber and spinach, but when it comes to higher calorie food, portion control is important. In recent times, serving sizes have increased to a great extent. Check food labels before picking anything so that you can avoid ordering supersized food.

#3: Eat more whole grains: Try eating food articles which are made from whole grains – oats, barley, whole wheat. These grains provide fiber and nutrients to body. Look for a product labeled “100% whole grain” or “Whole Grain Stamp”. Also, limit your refine grain consumption.

#4: Take pleasure of fish and nuts: Fatty fish, nuts, avocado and vegetable oils are a good source of healthy unsaturated fats. Though they are high in calorie count, tend not to increase weight because they are satisfying. Still, it is good to eat them instead of other high-calorie foods.

#5: Limit Animal Fat: Red meat and processed meat increases the bad cholesterol. Try to limit the intake of red meat and processed meat. You can replace these high-cholesterol meats with skinless poultry, lean meats or low-fat dairy products.

Best exercises to lose weight!

When you are working out several times a week to lose weight, you may want a routine that gives maximum results in minimum time. There is no getting around the fact that you need a perfect combination of diet and exercises to lose weight safely.

Weight loss is all about defeating calories. You will have to burn more calories than you consume. Exercising burns calories and builds muscle mass. In order to lose weight, you have to choose the right set of exercises. So, if you are looking forward to get into shape, pick any of these best exercises to lose weight:


Walking is the perfect exercise for weight loss. This low-impact exercise is very good to begin with. Depending on your health condition, you can set your walking pace and distance. The Early morning walk will make you feel fresh and active entire day.


Swimming is very effective exercise for weight loss. Vigorous swimming can burn from 400 to 600 calories an hour. This workout tones and conditions the whole body. Swimming engages all of the major muscle groups, from back muscles and abdominals to arms, legs and hips.

High intensity interval training

High intensity interval training is an effective weight loss exercise option. This workout not only burns calories but also boost metabolism. High intensity workouts involve short but intense bursts of activities.

Strength training

Strength training is a key to overall fitness. Strength training helps in reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass and burning calories in an efficient manner. This training can make you healthier, stronger and leaner.


Yoga is a total mind-body workout. It burns calories, increases flexibility, tones muscles and boosts immunity. There are more than 100 forms of yoga. Every yoga pose has its own benefit.

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