Which Diet Is Right for Me?

Which Diet Is Right for Me?

Nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all discipline, and when you need individualized dietary guidance, nutrition counseling can help. A nutrition consultation isn’t a lecture, and you won’t be judged for your eating habits. Nutrition counselors work with you, on your terms, to help you achieve your nutrition goals. 

At Nova Physician Wellness Center, Rohit Suri, MD, and Seema Chaudhary, MD, along with our team of registered dietitians, take the time to listen closely to your needs so we understand your current lifestyle and eating habits. The diet that is right for you depends on various factors. Our team can help you adopt healthier eating habits so that you have more energy and feel great. 

Who benefits from nutrition counseling?

Anyone can benefit from nutrition counseling. Whether your goal is to lose weight or improve your blood cholesterol numbers, nutrition counseling can help you reach your goal. 

Reasons people may choose nutrition counseling is because they want to:

No matter what your medical concern may be, nutrition counseling can help you lead an overall healthier lifestyle. 

What’s the right diet for you?

No single diet is right for everyone, and trying to go it alone can feel overwhelming. With the help of a nutrition counselor, you can learn the best foods for you as an individual. Eating plans differ, sometimes a lot. For example, an eating plan for someone with abnormal blood sugar will look different than a diet for a powerlifter. 

Our team takes your current health status, nutrition goals, food preferences, and lifestyle into consideration to help you find the right balance and combination of foods for optimal health. We also evaluate your diet history to learn what types of diets you’ve tried in the past. 

Get science-backed answers

Nutrition counseling takes the guesswork out of changing your diet. Our team uses research-backed strategies, instead of guessing, to help you use food as fuel so you can feel your best. Laboratory testing to check important health markers also provides guidance. 

What does nutrition counseling entail?

To get started your nutrition counselor will review your health history and learn about the foods you eat, along with your exercise habits. Plan to discuss your nutrition goals and feel free to ask questions. You’ll receive an individualized plan that provides guidance on the foods to eat to reach your goals. 

Your nutrition counselor provides support as you work with them to set realistic goals. Scheduling and attending follow-up visits is an important part of tracking your progress and maintaining focus. 

Nutrition counseling offers life-long benefits. Whether you need help managing a chronic condition or guidance for safe, lasting weight loss, nutrition counseling provides the knowledge, resources, and tools you need to succeed. 

A difference you can feel

As you start your new nutrition plan and routines, the goal is to feel better. Whether you’re struggling with digestive issues, allergies, fatigue, excess weight, or migraines, adopting healthier eating habits can bring about positive changes.

When you’re ready to improve your wellness and learn about the right foods for you, we can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our nutrition experts. 

If you live near one of our Virginia offices in Vienna, Fairfax, or Ashburn, call us or book a visit online. Take the first step toward better nutrition today.

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