How Nutrition Counseling Can Improve Your Health

Nutrition is an extremely important part of health and well-being. Without proper nutrition, you’re at greater risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and even certain cancers.

Making healthy food choices is the cornerstone of healthy weight maintenance, and knowing what foods to eat can help you lose weight and improve your health if you’re overweight. Adopting a healthy diet helps your mind as much as it helps your body. Good nutrition can boost your mood and lower the risk of depression and anxiety.

Conflicting messages about nutrition often make it challenging to know how to make nutritious food choices. If you’re in this position, it’s wise to consider nutrition counseling. Board-certified weight loss and obesity medicine specialists Rohit Suri, MD, and Seema Chaudhary, MD, are devoted to helping you achieve lasting weight loss to improve your health.

As part of a comprehensive weight loss and wellness program, our team offers individualized nutrition counseling to help you reach your wellness goals. We work with you to help you make positive changes that promote weight loss and boost health.

Get valuable wellness support

Nutrition counseling is an effective, therapeutic approach to help clients make the kinds of food choices that support optimal health and wellness. No matter what your wellness goals, nutrition counseling can help you achieve them. People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from nutrition counseling.

Here at Nova Physician Wellness Center, our nutrition counseling involves a careful assessment of your nutrition and fitness needs. Our team works together with you to set realistic and achievable health goals.

Manage chronic conditions

Nutrition has a powerful impact on managing a range of chronic conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, elevated cholesterol, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure. The foods you eat can help you better manage, and in some cases even reverse these conditions. 

Dietary counseling for chronic disease uses evidence-based nutrition recommendations to guide you in making food choices that will have a positive impact on targeted health parameters. For instance, nutrition counseling for managing Type 2 diabetes focuses on making food choices that improve glucose levels.

Shed extra weight

If you’ve tried to lose weight on your own without success, nutrition counseling can give you clear guidance on how your body responds to the foods you eat. Our team uses insight from your comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint how many calories you need to take in and which foods should make up the bulk of your diet. The goal is to provide your body with high-quality nutrition, while avoiding excess calories.

Our team develops a weight-loss nutrition plan for you after carefully evaluating your lifestyle, baseline health, weight goal, and eating habits. Clients lose more weight in the long term when they incorporate nutrition counseling into their weight-loss program.

Build lasting healthy habits

Lasting weight loss requires adopting habits that become a permanent part of your lifestyle. Nutrition counseling helps you gain the tools and make the behavioral changes that result in lasting weight loss. 

From learning how to navigate the holidays to knowing what to order at a restaurant, nutrition counseling keeps you on track and prepared for everyday situations that could otherwise ruin your efforts. Once you learn about proper nutrition and how to apply it to your daily wellness plan, you’ll be able to make better food choices. 

Improve physical fitness

Nutrition is vital to your physical fitness. Nutrition counseling can help you achieve goals such as increasing muscle mass, raising stamina, improving your strength, and boosting your overall physical fitness. By knowing precisely what your body needs, you can skip the frustration of trial and error.

Our team at Nova Physician Wellness Center focuses on you as a whole person to help you achieve your wellness goals. With our help, you can use nutrition to shed excess weight and boost your overall health and well-being. To get started with nutrition counseling, call our office to schedule your initial consultation.

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