Here’s How Your Mental Health Affects Your Weight

Losing weight can be an overwhelming project for most people, but those suffering with anxiety, depression, and other conditions affecting mental health may have an even more difficult time shedding those excess pounds. Studies show that there’s a link between certain mental health issues and obesity. And obesity brings a higher risk of chronic health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, which may in turn affect mental well-being.

What’s more, many people who struggle with mental wellness are predisposed to gain weight due to certain medications, the sedentary effects of depression, and as they turn to food for comfort. Recognizing what triggers those feelings and working to keep emotional well-being in check may help them have more control over their health, including weight.

Food as comfort

Many people begin their quest to lose weight brimming with confidence and optimism. Some individuals with unrealistic expectations may opt out of their weight-loss program because they feel like they aren’t losing fast enough, and feel discouraged. For those who struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other conditions, the feelings of failure that accompany a thwarted effort to lose weight may lead to binging for the temporary comfort it brings. 

Using food for comfort is a common theme in many people’s lives, and for those who struggle with weight and mental wellness, the relationship with food is even more complicated.

Our weight-loss program can help you with tools to overcome the ways your mental health contributes to cravings and binging. For example, journaling or tracking your eating with a food-and-emotions diary can help you understand which feelings lead you to make unhealthy choices. We offer a variety of strategies to help you get a handle on emotional eating. 

Holistic weight-loss program

At Nova Physicians Wellness Center, we offer a comprehensive program to help you lose weight, and then keep it off for good with our maintenance plan. Our holistic approach includes nutrition counseling to provide individualized meal plans as well as targeted exercise guidance

Dr. Suri and our expert team provide weight-loss counseling to help you identify your emotional trigger foods and learn the practice of mindful eating. We also provide behavioral counseling to help you learn different ways to help you change your behaviors relating to food, as well as medications to help control appetite and cravings, if needed. And our team offers the medical expertise and ongoing support to help you lose weight successfully.

If you’re ready to say “so long” to unwanted pounds, call us at Nova Physician Wellness Center today or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation. We have two offices in Fairfax and Ashburn, Virginia, ready to serve you. Our caring and compassionate weight loss professionals look forward to helping you take back both your physical and mental health. 

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