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First Visit: Biometabolic Profile and Resting Metabolic Rate

The first step in creating a customized weight loss plan is to have a full understanding of your body and health. The knowledge we gain helps us put you on the best possible track to achieve the health goals you're looking for. During your first visit, we do a complete bio-metabolic analysis using the state of the Art Technology, which gives us insight into your metabolism so that we can customize your treatment, based on your metabolism. We utilize the Segmental Body Mass Analyzer with the latest equipment using Biospace InBody 520. This gives us the true insight into your Body Composition. Older methods using BMI can give us the misleading information as this does not tells us your Muscle Mass or the Body Water Composition. This technology not only gives us not your true body composition of the Fat, Muscle and Water but also tells us where is your lean body distribution so we can individualize the Weight Loss Program based on your total body composition and not just the BMI. We also measure your Resting Metabolic Rate which analyses your daily Energy Requirements, so that we can customize your Weight Loss Program

Lab Work

We may also run battery of lab tests, depending on your medical evaluation, which includes your Blood Count, comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Thyroid Profile and Lipid Panel. This further gives us the insight into your health so that we can choose the Meal Plan which is safe and effective for you.

Electro Cardiogram or EKG

An Electro Cardiogram may be done depending on your medical evaluation, to evaluate the health of your heart and to make sure that the therapy prescribed by us does not affect your heart.

Comprehensive Medical Examination

Dr Suri will go through your medical history and discuss with you the key components of the program. This involves the comprehensive Medical, Nutritional, Behavior and Exercise Assessment and Counseling, to ensure a thorough understanding of your current health, which helps us comprise a program that's right for you.

Behavioral Counseling and Nutritional Supplementation is also key component of our Integrative approach to your Health Care.

FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants

We also may use FDA approved appetite suppressants and pharmaceutical grade vitamins and other nutritional supplements to achieve the optimal results for you. Appetite suppressants are optional and will be used based on the individual medical conditions, preferences and based on the health profile of the individual. There have been some recently approved Appetite Suppressants which have come into the market, thus giving the patients more choice.

Meal Plans

Our Meal Plans are based both on Natural Grocery Store Foods as well as the Meal Replacement Products or the combination of both. We also have special diet plans based on your individual Preferences like Vegetarian, Organic, Detox, Mediterranean, Gluten Free, Kosher, Breast Cancer Prevention, Energy Booster, North Beach Diet to name only few. Please call us to know about our other Meal Plans. All of these diets are scientifically based and nutritionally tested to target losing fat in a healthy manner as opposed to simply "losing weight."

Subsequent Visits

Dr. Suri will continue to meet with you to go over your progress. We will again do the Segmental Body Analysis and continue nutritional and behavioral consuling at each subsequent visit. A medical exam is also a part of the follow up visits. The frequency of the subsequent visits is based on your medical condition and how your progressing towards your health goals.

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