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Safe, Effective, Long Lasting Weight Management.

Dr. Suri specializes in a physician supervised Weight Loss program in Fairfax VA. Dr. Suri and his staff are dedicated to providing the provident care to ensure future health and wellness while remaining on the cutting edge of the Medical Research and Science to provide you with the latest in the Weight Loss Management. Dr. Suri is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and long-standing member of the American Society of Obesity Medicine. That means he had to undergo special training in this new and emerging field of medicine. He is also a Board Certified Family Physician and has been practicing medicine for last 12 years.

Since each person's weight loss differs based on their medical condition and body composition, and since we want you to feel fully informed and comfortable with starting our program, we offer a Free Consultation with Dr. Suri before you make a decision. The first step in joining our program is a phone call away .

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  • Over a decade of experience in Obesity Medicine
  • Double Board Certified Physician
  • Accepting Major Insurances
  • Holistic and Doctor Supervised Weight Loss
  • Weight management under the supervision of board certified obesity medicine doctors"