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At Nova Physician Wellness Center, we maintain a very transparent and convenient policy in helping our clients with effective weight loss. At first, we gather thorough information about our client's health history and condition, before; we create effective weight loss plans. Thereafter we aim at prioritizing your physical well-being and the health goals you want to achieve.

  • During their first visit to the center, we organize a complete bio-metabolic analysis of the client by applying the state of the Art Technology. This helps us gain a clear insight of the client's metabolism, so that we create a customized treatment plan for him or her. With the egmental Body Mass Analyzer, we are able to get a complete understanding of your body composition.
  • We also utilize the Biospace InBody 520 that offers us accurate results about the BMI of a person, including the body water composition and muscle mass, unlike the traditional methods. This technology offers us the information about the client's lean body distribution that helps us to customize their exclusive diet and weight loss plans based on the client’s total body composition.
  • On your first visit, your Resting Metabolic Rate will also be measured that helps in analyzing your daily energy needs. This is very effective in preparing an individualized diet weight loss plan and helps us guide you on the most effective and best possible track to accomplish health goals.

Lab tests are indispensible part of your customized diet plan:

When you arrive at Nova Physician Wellness Center, you will be run through a series of lab tests. These lab tests depend largely on your medical evaluations such as your Thyroid Profile, Blood Count, Lipid Panel, and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. Based on the results, we choose the best weight loss product and effective meal plans for you.

Safe and effective diet plans for a healthy lifestyle:

The diet plans we prescribe at our center of medical weight loss are mainly based on the Meal Replacement Products and Natural Grocery Store Foods. We also recommend an array of meal plans that depends on our client's individual food preferences such as Energy Booster, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Organic, Breast Cancer Prevention, Detox, Kosher, North Beach Diet etc. Each of these meal plans suggested by our doctor for weight loss is nutritionally tested as well as scientifically proven that helps in losing weight in a healthy manner.

What does our program consist of?

Our weight loss center doctors prepare weight loss programs that are especially meant for specific individuals by the aid of:

  • Physical Examination (Varies)
  • Counseling by physicians
  • Diet Pills (FDA Approved)
  • Nutritional plan
  • Workout/physical exercise plan

Some of the diet clinics in Leesburg, VA come with different other perks including tools which count the client’s calorie intake. We also offer additional support that helps the clients keep a track of their progress.

Follow up visits:

Weight loss center doctors always recommend the clients to pay subsequent visits to the center. The frequency of the follow-up visits should be based on the medical condition of the client. It is also dependent on how the client has been responding to the dietary changes or progressing towards achieving his or her health goals.

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