Dr. Suri specializes in a physician supervised Weight Loss program in Fairfax VA. and his new Leesburg VA location. Dr. Suri and his staff are dedicated to providing the provident care to ensure future health and wellness while remaining on the cutting edge of the Medical Research and Science to provide you with the latest in the Weight Loss Management. Dr. Suri is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and long-standing member of the American Society of Obesity Medicine.

Dr. Chaudhary has been in clinical practice for the past about 15 years. She finished her Residency from University of Florida, Gainesbille and joined community Health Center Clearwater in order to help the poor and underserved population of Florida. She moved from Florida to Northern Virginia and worked with Kairser Permanente for about 7 years. During her tenure at Kaiser she became more passionate about Preventive Medicine, especially treating Obesity which is the root cause of most chronic medical illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea, Heartburn, and Arthritis.

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  • Over a decade of experience in Obesity Medicine
  • Double Board Certified Physician
  • Accepting Major Insurances
  • Holistic and Doctor Supervised Weight Loss
  • Weight management under the supervision of board certified obesity medicine doctors"